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Wow, everyone on FB seems intent on raising my blood pressure tonight. Someone posted that 2007 photo of President Obama where he doesn't have his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, and a person I have known previously as gentle and kind called him a pig. Someone else called Spike Lee a terrorist for tweeting the (incorrect) George Zimmerman address and insinuated that the President speaking out about Trevon Martin is "supporting terrorism." Someone else posted a picture of President Obama with...I don't even remember except there was a tall stack of Legos involved and he was supposed to be saying that he was going to take half of them and give them to kids who had been napping all afternoon.

I just closed that tab and have intentions of staying away until I can bear it again.
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Is it possible the "save our show" campaign may actually go somewhere in this instance?

I mean, Chuck aside (which I think is different, because it was in large part the bigger entertainment bloggers who started and kept the campaign going, not your average fans) and Jericho even more aside (because even though the fan campaign succeeded, the show itself then proceeded to bomb, so I don't consider it an unqualified win), fan SOS campaigns rarely have any effect. But if this is true, might that be changing?
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I know there are lots of people on my flist who are going to Dragon Con and who also like Supernatural. And since the X-Track is not interested in planning anything more than one panel for SPN, I figured it's time for the fans to arrange something else ourselves.

Hence, [ profile] dragoncon_spn was born. :D

We're still in the process of figuring out what sort of "something" we want to do, what's feasible, and how to make it happen. Do we want to arrange some sort of episodes viewing party? Organize mini-fan panels of our own? Put together a food drive for a local soup kitchen? Go out to dinner in a group?

Please join us in figuring out what we want to do and how we want to do it, and pass the word along to others on your flists who may also be interested.

Thanks! :)
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Hat-tip to [ profile] romen_dreamer for pointing this out.

Christian Children's Fund has refused a $17,398 donation from gamers because part of the money came from the sale of Dungeons & Dragons.

GenCon Indianapolis, a large annual gaming con, raises money for charity every year. This year, the con chose Christian Children's Fund, the favorite charity of Gary Gygax -- the "Father of Dungeons & Dragons" and co-founder of GenCon who passed away earlier this year.

Originally the charity chosen for GenCon was Gary's favorite charity, the Christian Children's Fund. Unfortunately, when they found out that the money they would get came partially from sales of Dungeons and Dragons they decided not to be the sponsored charity

GenCon has instead donated the money to The Fisher House, a "home away from home that enables family members [of military personnel] to be close to a loved one at the most stressful time -- during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury."


Jul. 21st, 2008 09:23 am
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Wow, uh...sounds like fun, but it's more than a little out of my price range.

And am I insane, or does that not include autographs and photo ops? Does it include banquets and other parties?

Don't get me wrong; it sounds like fun and I'd go in a heatbeat if I could afford it, but...not happening.

edit: Seriously, I'm not slagging off on the idea. Like I said, I'd love to go; it's just never going to be a financial possibility for me, even if the price includes everything.

edit 2:

Q: Will there be a land based convention earlier in 2009?
A: No. EyeCon at Sea will be our 2009 Supernatural convention.

Oh, man, now that sucks. I was consoling myself over not getting to go to the September Eyecon with the thought of going in 2009. *Ilostmyshoe*


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