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The Great Luke Ski (think: Weird Al Yankovic, fandom-style) has a new song parody, "Battlestar Rhapsody", and it's available for free download. It's awesome; check it out. :D

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From the most recent Sera Gamble interview (SPOILERS):

"I've no inside knowledge of whether we'll be picked up for another season, but the thing about our show is that there's a built-in structure that works and will keep working for 150 episodes or more. As for the Winchester family and their issues with the demons, I have no idea what that story would be about in season seven or eight, but I have faith in the writing staff and Eric. I actually don't worry about it. Supernatural is one of those shows that could go on for a really long time."

I talk about it more in depth (and other interesting tidbits from the interview) HERE.
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Even Dean thinks [ profile] brianrubin is awesome (and he's a sweetheart, besides). Brian is also the first guy I know of who has the Sam&Dean over-the-heart anti-posession tattoo:

title or description

I'd say you know your show has made it when people tattoo your images onto themselves. :D

Edit: So apparently Supernatural's been blacklisted from fandomsecrets or somesuch? This hiatus is gonna be the death of us all, I swear.
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OMG number 11.

Gah. Okay, I'm blubbering again.

edit: okay, who can grab those? Please? NM; the blubbering idiot figured it out. ;) All we need now is for someone to get rid of the damn Legacy watermarks -- /seriously/? Watermarking something that isn't yours?
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...of posting smart things that smart people are saying that I wish I had the smarts to say myself, I really like what [ profile] blacklid says here.

My favorite part:

Here's a mind bender: this show has so much merit because it creates wank of epic proportions. The creators and writers are instructed to work in the metaphors and the concepts that some of us are seeing. If I was a writer on this show, I would take it as a compliment that a character I created and then killed off gets labeled as a trend (like "all black men die"... gee, I think I used that one recently...) and discussed intelligently until we are all blue in the face. I would be ecstatic, because this is the purpose of good entertainment that's taken seriously; it is supposed to make us think. How meaty plot and characterization gets analyzed and turned into a serious dialog about social behavior is THE WHOLE POINT.

Now, if we can just keep from hacking each other to pieces in the process.

Ooh, also, go here and DL [ profile] philomel's season 3 Metallicar Mix. I still listen to the season 2 Metallicar Mix, and this one looks just as awesome. :D
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I am actively searching the internet for spoilers for this week's episode. THURSDAY IS TOO FAR AWAY. I CANNOT BE HELD REPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN ACTIONS.

Seriously, though, didn't we have a buttload of spoilers this time last year? WHERE ARE THE SPOILERS. SHOW ME THEM.
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This just keeps getting better -- Tahmoh Penikett (Helo on Battlestar Galactica) has been cast as an FBI agent trying to disprove the urban legend of the Dollhouse, and a romantic foil for Eliza Dushku's character. *rubs hands gleefully*

Also, this is a spoiler, but one that I don't think anyone's going to be able to avoid hearing about it: SPOILER for Prison Break season 4 )

In conclusion, Thursdays without Supernatural should not be allowed. :(
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So, the earliest appointment I could get with my doctor is 2:30. There's nothing on tv, and none of my dvds is looking particularly attractive atm. I can't sleep because I can't breathe, and I'm looking for something to take my mind off that fact for awhile. So, what should I check out? G'head, pimp me your favorite fandom (aside from SPN, Jericho, Buffy/Angel/Firefly, X-Files and ST, naturally, since I'm good in those departments *g*). I prefer TV at this point, I think, since I can easily DL an ep or two, and if it's not working for me I can always look for something else.

My all-knowing flist, what should I watch? Tell me in 100 words or less (or, hell, more, if you're in the mood). Show me pictures that illustrate what's awesome about your show. I'm open to pretty much anything. What'll it be? SGA? Torchwood? Moonlight? Battlestar Galactica? Blood Ties? Something else?



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