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The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Reaper creators/executive producers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have signed a two-year deal with 20th Century Fox TV that will require them to leave the on-the-bubble CW show.

Under the seven-figure pact, the duo will join a 20th TV series and develop projects for the studio. Fazekas and Butters’ exclusive deal with 20th TV effectively seals the fate of their bubble CW series as it calls for them to leave “Reaper,” produced by ABC Studios, where the two had been based.

Reaper, which was given a 13-episode second season this year, has averaged 2 to 2.7 million viewers in its 8 p.m. Tuesday time slot, but has seen some recent gains in the 18-49 demo.
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Eonline's Kristin is saying Reaper is renewed.

edit: [ profile] mickeym, thank you so much for the lovely LJ gift! My profile looks all pretty now. :D :D :D *hugs like whoa*
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Hee! Jared and Jensen feel the same way much of fandom does about Reaper.'s a little disconcerting, how much they know about what goes on in fandom. CEILING J2 R WATCHIN U PRON.

Completely unrelatedly, my laptop is refusing to recognize the wireless network. Which will be hella inconvenient if it's still happening in Florida. Anyway, I was gonna try to be on AIM tonight, but I'm thinking it's not happening. See ya when I can.
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So, is anyone else kinda really hoping Reaper bombed last night?

I know Ausiello's saying it's not a case of the CW screwing the show because it hates it, but...I'm disgruntled. So, yeah, hope it bombed.

edit: Bombed! Granted, it was a repeat of Reaper following a repeat of Smallville (which also bombed), but 1.5 million viewers is kinda embarrassing. Neener, CW! A repeat of Supernatural would've brought you nearly twice that.


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