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Okay, so this is going to sound strange, but...I'm not sure I actually saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was on last night, but it was really late and I was heading to bed, so I didn't watch all of it. And...I have no memory of the scenes I was watching!

Did I somehow miss seeing the movie?

Is this still a spoiler? )
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25 minutes till we see Dollhouse.

Gah, I'm stressed. I want this to be good -- not just!good, but joss!good. I want to fall in love with characters and recognize the Whedon cadences in the dialog and I want good ratings and and and.

I'm fairly certain it's not normal for the /fans/ to be nervous for a new show. *bites nails*
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The usually-dependable Marc Berman: "benchwarmer drama Reaper will open season two in place of Supernatural on Thursday in March. Supernatural is, however, expected back in 2009-10."

I'm trying to get more information on what this means (SPN will wrap season 4 in March? Or will this mean a hiatus in March and the season ends later?).

Edit: The also-usually-dependable James Hibbard at The Hollywood Reporter says Reaper is headed for Tuesdays after 90210, replacing Priviledged.

Son of Edit: Michael Ausiello, also usually dependable, seconds Reaper replacing Priviledged, not Supernatural.

Edit 3-D: Supernatural publicist Suzanne Gomez confirms Reaper will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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