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Based on the results of this poll, in which we voted to support all three charities suggested by the writers with the funds left in the Please Do Feed the Writers/Write No Evil campaign, I have donated $100 each to:

*the Lange Foundation, a no-kill animal shelter, suggested by Eric Kripke,
*ANSAfrica, which works to combat AIDS and advance democracy in South Africa, suggested by Cathryn Humphries, and
*WriteGirl, which is an organization for high school girls centered on the craft of creative writing and empowerment through self-expression, suggested by Sera Gamble.

Each donation was made "in honor of" the writer who suggested it, from "Fans of TV's Supernatural". All three of the writers should get a card from their charity to let them know that the donation has been made in their honor.

According to the Lange Foundation and Writegirl websites, our $100 donations will save one dog or cat from an LA city animal shelter (plus a bit left over) and provide presentation materials for one complete full-day workshop. ANSAfrica didn't list specifics, but it sounds like there are many important things our donation will be used towards.

Donation details )

Meanwhile, the good folks at Fandom Rocks are collecting donations for WriteGirl and another charity, Invisible Children, so please consider helping them reach their goal.

Thanks again, everyone!

EDIT: When I got home, there was a nice hand-written card from WriteGirl. I don't have a scanner, but the text is below the cut: Read more... )
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* Bwahaha, Bon Jovi's on CBS right now. YOU OFFICIALLY ROCK. ON OCCASION. (Interviewer: You've been having a good year. JBJ: Man, I haven't had a bad year since the doctor slapped me on the ass. :D SEE?! ROCKING. ON OCCASION.) Dude, he's been married for 19 years to his high school sweetheart.

* I've watched "No Rest For The Wicked" multiple times, and I just realized that Dean has no shoes in the last shot, but he /does/ still have his amulet on. HMMM...perhaps this'll be how Sam gets him out?

* The episode still rips my heart out. Owwie, y'all. Owwie. And where tf is all the fic? I've seen a few, but I really sort of expected an outpouring. SEE TO THAT, FANDOM.

* I finally sent off two of the donations for the SPN writers' favorite charities. Sent $100 each to the Lange Foundation for Eric Kripke and ANSAfrica for Cathryn Humphries. Would've sent the donation to WriteGirl for Sera Gamble, but I can't find a way to do it online and make sure they know that it's not just from me, but from the fandom. I emailed their info email in April and again this weekend, but nobody's answering. There's a phone number listed, though, so I'll hopefully be able to call them tomorrow.
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From here.

Fans4Writers is trying to put together a campaign to promote the writers at the Rosebowl Parade in Pasadena, CA. Anyone who'll be in the LA area on Jan. 1 who could help with organizing and/or handing out flyers, please comment on the above post!

Full text of the post on Fans4Writers )

Also, we're looking to get Write No Evil (Supernatural fandom's campaign to support the writers) back into full swing after the first of the year. If you're in the LA area (or will be visiting there) and would be willing to help [ profile] spadada with purchasing and delivering food for the WB's writers, please contact me at or comment to this post. The food will be bought with donations fans made several months ago, so you'll be reimbursed for that. We'd like to make sure the writers get some sort of delivery at least once a week for as long as the strike lasts. Let me know if you have any questions!
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After getting Sera Gamble's gracious reply yesterday about how much the writers appreciate Supernatural's fans, I thought it'd be great if we fans did something for the writers to let them know how much we appreciate them. Joss Whedon's fans had pizza sent to the writers on picket lines, which I thought was a great idea.

Let's send something to our own writers! No matter what our opinions about the strike itself, I think we can all agree that our show has some of the best writers going. [ profile] spadada has volunteered to take some fruit and water out to the writers at WB studios this afternoon. If you'd care to donate towards feeding the writers, it would be greatly appreciated -- you can send it to my Paypal account (toastytravesty @

We're also in need of a catchy slogan! Personally, I'm amused by the idea of handing SPN writers a shiny red apple after last week's episode -- maybe we can incorporate something along those lines?


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