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I ship it.

Somewhat spoilery (but not very much) picture from this week's The Walking Dead behind the cut.

Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] gategurl

Oomph. Okay, can I just--. The two of them are--. On the bike and--.


I can't be the only one who ships it. Can I? I mean, I doubt it would happen. But OMG I WANT IT.

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I ship it too :D I think she'd be good for Daryl and he'd definitely be good for her.

Plus, Norman Reedus is hot. *_*

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Oh yes he is! And, I mean, I don't think it would be a stretch at all; they have had fantastic chemistry in past eps, especially during the Sophia arc. I don't think the young male viewers would like it, sadly, although there's very little difference in the actors' ages, IIRC. I guess it's more likely they'd pair him up with Andrea, though personally I just don't see any chemistry there. But, dude! WE WANTS IT.

And if they kill off either of them, I'm gonna be so mad!

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So delish isn't it! Hee! - I am stuck between half thinking they would be good for each other and half thinking I want them to stay in their amazing mother/son thing they have going on right now. Hard to choose.

Just sayin'.

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Oh, what a great pic; thank you! I'm not sure I can see a mother/son thing going on between them, but maybe that's just because I know the two actors aren't that far apart in age. Have we ever been told how old Darryl is?

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Not directly. I know it is assumed that he is younger then Norman's actual age. Or at least that is what the consensus is. I think their relationship could go either way and I'd still be happy. I just want them to continue being...'together'. I love what they have. This push-pull-gravatate-back-to-you thing.

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This push-pull-gravatate-back-to-you thing.

That's an excellent way to describe it! You're right, a mother-son thing could be interesting. And actually, I think they could pull off both simultaneously if they work it right.

So, do you think we'll see Merle again? I SO want him back. I was kind of hoping that they would change things a bit and have Merle actually come back as the Governor, prepared to torment Darryl forever, haha! Have you read the comic books? I think I've read up to issue 74 or 75, but I think they're still coming out, aren't they?

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I am sure we will see Merle again. Micheal Rooker is just too awesome not to dabble with him again. Besides that is a story line for somewhere in the future. Maybe even next season I think! I hope anyways.

I know the comic books are still being written. Robert Kirkman is still working on them. I haven't read them but know the just of that story line. - I know there was a lot of speculation that Merle might be the governor, I guess we will have to wait and see!


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...I thought it was an established 'ship already...? I can see it, but then again, I'm somewhat biased, having fallen in love with and married a man 11 years younger. ;)

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I don't know; I think they sort of dance around it. I definitely see it, but I'm wondering if that's only because I ship it. ;) People outside of fandom that I mention it to look at me like I have two heads.

But yeah, I want it, dude!