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It took me forever to figure out what icon to use on this post, because I'm pissed off, annoyed or otherwise displeased with pretty much all of my fandoms right now. So I guess I'll use one from a show I haven't even watched. Nyah.

Supernatural Abandon All Hope (and was there ever a more appropriate episode title?) )
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Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Show.

From here (spoilers in the article.) Many thanks to [ profile] keepaofthecheez for pointing it out!

No spoilers unless you consider Kripke's attitude about what's important in the show to be a spoiler. )
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If there was one letter I could hand to Eric Kripke and the other writers right now, it would be this one. (Hat-tip to [ profile] zillah975)

"...this is a fan letter. It’s one in more ways than you might appreciate right at this moment. It’s only because I am such a fan that I am sticking with this show and hoping you’ll do it better. And it’s only because I’m such a fan that I’m writing you this letter."

If anyone reading this knows a way to get this to Kripke et al...please do so.
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As of 2 p.m. Eastern, there are only about 4 hours left to bid on a copy of the Supernatural 'Pilot' script donated by the Supernatural writers' office and signed by: Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia, Kim Manners, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!

All money raised with this auction will be donated to Fandom Rocks' current charities -- WriteGirl and Invisible Children -- so you'll get not only an awesome Supernatural collector's item, but the satisfaction of helping two worthy causes.

(Come on, fandom; don't let some reseller grab this. This should go to a fan!)

lots of other great items are up for bids, too!
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Happy, happy birthday, [ profile] blacklid, and many happy returns of the day!

For you ('cause it made me think of you), I give you the Supernatural Dance of Joy:

Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!

Unrelatedly (but still lulz-worthy), this was posted a couple of months ago, but I hadn't seen it until it was linked from a poodle rescue group email:

I has a sweet potato.

On a less-lulzy note, I have yet to receive SPN magazie issue #5. *glares in their general direction*
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My tooth doesn't hurt this morning so far! I took Advil this morning, just in case, but so far I've had not even a twinge. *knockwood* Pleaseohpleaseohplease let this continue.

I'm so confused omg, because I checked my blogspot again last night, and on my laptop, running Firefox, the header looks fine! I don't understand how that's possible, when so many of you checked it and saw the same too-long header that I'm seeing here at work. How do I fix something that looks fine on my laptop? Halp!

I'm very amused at that interview that's making the rounds -- the one that says Sera Gamble heard that Kripke wanted to show the first ten minutes of the season 4 premiere at Comic Con (and, btw, I officially HATE all of you who are getting to go to this), but Bob Singer said OH NOES it'd be all over the internet in ten minutes. Thank you, Captain Obvious; we never would've guessed that without your astute observation. ;) And seriously, isn't that the whole point of showing something -- to create online buzz? What's the difference in a few thousand people seeing it at Comic Con and several thousand more seeing it online? WHY YES I'M GRUMPY BECAUSE I WON'T BE THERE WHY DO YOU ASK?

Hey, can someone who's going to CC please find out for sure when the premiere is happening?
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From the most recent Sera Gamble interview (SPOILERS):

"I've no inside knowledge of whether we'll be picked up for another season, but the thing about our show is that there's a built-in structure that works and will keep working for 150 episodes or more. As for the Winchester family and their issues with the demons, I have no idea what that story would be about in season seven or eight, but I have faith in the writing staff and Eric. I actually don't worry about it. Supernatural is one of those shows that could go on for a really long time."

I talk about it more in depth (and other interesting tidbits from the interview) HERE.
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Does this logo look familiar to anyone?

I hope that's Kripke's family; otherwise they're totally stealing his logo. :D
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Based on the results of this poll, in which we voted to support all three charities suggested by the writers with the funds left in the Please Do Feed the Writers/Write No Evil campaign, I have donated $100 each to:

*the Lange Foundation, a no-kill animal shelter, suggested by Eric Kripke,
*ANSAfrica, which works to combat AIDS and advance democracy in South Africa, suggested by Cathryn Humphries, and
*WriteGirl, which is an organization for high school girls centered on the craft of creative writing and empowerment through self-expression, suggested by Sera Gamble.

Each donation was made "in honor of" the writer who suggested it, from "Fans of TV's Supernatural". All three of the writers should get a card from their charity to let them know that the donation has been made in their honor.

According to the Lange Foundation and Writegirl websites, our $100 donations will save one dog or cat from an LA city animal shelter (plus a bit left over) and provide presentation materials for one complete full-day workshop. ANSAfrica didn't list specifics, but it sounds like there are many important things our donation will be used towards.

Donation details )

Meanwhile, the good folks at Fandom Rocks are collecting donations for WriteGirl and another charity, Invisible Children, so please consider helping them reach their goal.

Thanks again, everyone!

EDIT: When I got home, there was a nice hand-written card from WriteGirl. I don't have a scanner, but the text is below the cut: Read more... )
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* Bwahaha, Bon Jovi's on CBS right now. YOU OFFICIALLY ROCK. ON OCCASION. (Interviewer: You've been having a good year. JBJ: Man, I haven't had a bad year since the doctor slapped me on the ass. :D SEE?! ROCKING. ON OCCASION.) Dude, he's been married for 19 years to his high school sweetheart.

* I've watched "No Rest For The Wicked" multiple times, and I just realized that Dean has no shoes in the last shot, but he /does/ still have his amulet on. HMMM...perhaps this'll be how Sam gets him out?

* The episode still rips my heart out. Owwie, y'all. Owwie. And where tf is all the fic? I've seen a few, but I really sort of expected an outpouring. SEE TO THAT, FANDOM.

* I finally sent off two of the donations for the SPN writers' favorite charities. Sent $100 each to the Lange Foundation for Eric Kripke and ANSAfrica for Cathryn Humphries. Would've sent the donation to WriteGirl for Sera Gamble, but I can't find a way to do it online and make sure they know that it's not just from me, but from the fandom. I emailed their info email in April and again this weekend, but nobody's answering. There's a phone number listed, though, so I'll hopefully be able to call them tomorrow.


May. 18th, 2008 10:30 am
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Posted it to [ profile] ohnokripkedidnt, but I wanted it here, too. :D

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I love this hiatus support group. *snarfles*

Your hiatus support group, [ profile] ohnokripkedidnt!

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[ profile] ohbooth has merged the audio from Sam and Deam screeching singing along with "Dead or Alive" to the actual song HERE. My favorite is #1; like she says, it's like you're riding along in the Impala with them. All of them are good, though, and good grief, with all the incredible owwiness at the end of the episode, I needed to hear this moment of joy. I still snorfle every time Sam belts out "WAAAAAW-NED!". I so need an icon of that. :D

BTW, Kripke, please to be including outtakes from filming that scene in the DVD sets. Hey, not like you won't have room, what with there only being 16 episodes this season.

And now I need to go listen to "Crazy Love" to remind myself that Jensen really can carry a tune (heh, it takes talent to sing that badly).

Reposted with the correct link *facepalms*
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Oh, Kripke, you kill me sometimes. *roffles*

[The question is not a spoiler, but just in case you've never watched the show or something, I'll redact it. :) The response is Kripke being silly. Again, NO SPOILERS.]

Jensen wanted to focus on movies, and he wouldn't give me the 25 percent salary kickback I demanded, so he's leaving the series. Chad Michael Murray is joining the cast to replace him, and next year will be like that season on Dukes of Hazzard where it was Vance and Coy instead of Bo and Luke. Everything's gonna be a little bit off, but it'll be good...I think you'll like it.

The full interview (which DOES have MASSIVE spoilers) is here (SPOILERS!).
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Q&A With 'Supernatural' Creator Eric Kripke

Kripke did a phone interview with the Charlotte Observer talked about the fans, ratings, network promotion and a possibe fourth season. NO SPOILERS.

I'm going to email the reporter ( to thank him for the article, and to encourage him to write more about the show -- particularly since he didn't mention when the show is on. *facepalms*

Edit: And he wrote another article for today's paper: Can sleeper hit rouse viewers?

I think I love Mark Price just a little bit.


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