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Is it possible the "save our show" campaign may actually go somewhere in this instance?

I mean, Chuck aside (which I think is different, because it was in large part the bigger entertainment bloggers who started and kept the campaign going, not your average fans) and Jericho even more aside (because even though the fan campaign succeeded, the show itself then proceeded to bomb, so I don't consider it an unqualified win), fan SOS campaigns rarely have any effect. But if this is true, might that be changing?
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Can someone please get these people a copy editor, stat? If it was a breaking news story and they just threw it up there to get word out and then went back to edit, I'd understand. But I first heard the story four hours ago, so someone has had time to go back and edit. That said, I hope they find the missing women and that they're okay.

In fandom-y news, Legend of the Seeker season 2 starts this weekend, woot woot!

Can I just say that this is one of the few times I can remember a TV series actually being a lot better than the source books? I made it through the first three books in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series -- barely. Went back and re-read the beginning of the first book and wow, this guy is a crappy writer. His secondary characters are all one-note, good or evil, no shades of gray in sight, and talk about anvil-icious! Dude makes Kripke and his writing staff look positively subtle. And do not get me started on his treatment of women in his books. Rowr. D:<

The series, while being somewhat heavy on the cheese factor, has so far been wonderfully fun, due in large part to the two leads, Bridget Regan and Craig Horner (also, Craig Parker OM NOM NOM.) I've described Bridget and Craig as alarmingly charming in the past, and I think I'll stick with that phrasing. It fits!

Season 2 Legend of the Seeker poster. The new season starts t... on Twitpic
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So, this is a really old interview with Craig Horner and Bridget Regan, but you've got to watch it for the sheer adorableness factor. Seriously, I want to stick them in my pocket so I can take them out at random times during the day and boggle over how alarmingly charming they are. Craig Horner cannot stop smiling to SAVE HIS LIFE. If nothing else, you MUST watch at about the 4 minute mark. AAAAAHAHAHAHA!

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I miss Ellen. *sigh*

Also, there are lotsa people on my flist going "No Genevieve hating" and not a one that I've seen actually hating. I have the awesomest flist in the history of awesome.

However, I still don't like Ruby 2.0 and am waiting for a good explanation for how the character changed so drastically.

I love love LOVE Legend of the Seeker. OMG so cheesy, and some of the acting is absolutely horrendous (Zedd actor, I'm lookin' at you), but I love Richard in all his Gary Stuish glory (and good GAWD, where has Australia been hiding Craig Horner? MAMA LIKES.) And and and Craig Parker! As a villain called Darken Rahl!

Seriously, more people should be watching this.


Craig Horner

Meanwhile, I'm losing the Fringe-love. Tonight's episode is really not holding my attention.


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