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Not that she's completely wrong, but...


Shame she's not 18; f_w would be perfect for her.
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THIS is why we can't have nice things.

Edit: Entry has been bahleeted. I'm having difficulty replying to comments at the moment (not sure if it's LJ being wonky or just my connection sucking), but to sum up: someone got excited about Misha mentioning he's read a fanfic and thought it'd be a terrific idea to put together a book of fanfic to give him. Nearly all the commenters responded with some variant of DO NOT WANT. Let's hope the OP gained a clue.
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Is it too much to hope that this isn't true? FFS, people.

Aaaaand there goes my good mood again.
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You know, I'm all for taking a wait-and-see attitude about the whole situation between Sam and Ruby. But what I don't get is the level of animosity against the OP in this post. (ETA: Post has been bahleeted.) Jumpin' Jehovah, people, do you really need to crucify the person for having an opinion? Are conjecture and speculation about things that may come to pass now verboten?

This whole thing has already gotten nastier than most of the Wincest/anti-Wincest wank. If the situation actually does come to fruition, this fandom is going to explode.
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You know what would be cool? You know what would be really, really fun? If there could be discussion of season 4 Supernatural that /doesn't/ contain some sort of variant on an "I really don't like Christians" disclaimer. That'd be fan-fucking-tastic.

Because, you know, some of us actually /are/ Christians. And oddly enough, a lot of us don't even eat babies or anything (you know, unless we're out of mac and cheese, in which case all bets are off).

Here's the thing. The Show itself has had a tendancy to be rather unkind to /all/ religions. It's to be expected. But I don't recall, after Malleus Malificarum aired, reading meta posts that began, "I'm not Wiccan, and I really hate witches, but here are my thoughts on yaoi their religion in the show, and why their religion sucks."

It makes me quite pissy.

In case, you know, you didn't notice or something.
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Cowardly anonymouse.

Grow a pair and sign your own name, that's all I'm saying.
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I honestly do not understand the mindset that says people who've been on the receiving end of an unprovoked, anonymous attack should just not say anything. Should just let it go and move on. Or maybe just quietly work it out in email.

Fuck that noise.

People who smear other people anonymously do so because they think they can get away with it. Maybe they have gotten away with it in the past. And you know what? If there aren't any repercussions, they'll probably do the same thing in the future.

I think society in general tells women they shouldn't complain when they're wronged, shouldn't make a fuss, and I see that happening on LJ right now. God forbid we should speak up -- there might be OH NOES drama, and drama must be avoided at all costs, apparently, even when it's well-deserved drama. I think that's bullshit. If I have something negative to say about someone, I figure there are two choices -- either don't say it, or say it with my name attached, and stand by my own words. If I'm wanky about it, I fully expect to catch flack for it, and I fully expect people to point-and-laugh or call me on my batshittery.

So I think that's why it boggles me when there are so many people going "oh, why don't they just let it go and move on" instead of pointing out to their friend that her actions were wrong, or even asking why she would feel the need to do something like that. If the situation was reversed, these same people would probably be calling for blood. That's fucked up, man. Being someone's friend doesn't mean you can't ever think they're wrong, and can't ever hold them accountable for their words and their actions.

And it doesn't mean the other side should just shut up, either.
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I have a bad feeling about this. /han solo

First of all, just.../why/? It's fanfic. It's not nearly as interesting to them as it is to us. And if they /did/ want to read it, well, it's pretty easily accessible all over the place. Also, appointing yourself the judge of what's the best fanfic = recipe for disaster.

And, you know, I get not wanting to send TPTB Wincest and slash, but if you're going to exclude those because you want to keep it as close to canon as possible, I'd say you'd better exclude all AUs and anything rated above PG13 (since the show itself is rated TV-14.)

But in general, just...gah, no. Fanfic is for the fans, full stop.
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I felt like I shouldn't join in this particular discussion since I'm not going to be able to go to Eyecon this time, but oh my freaking GOD, I'm glad someone finally said something publicly about the skeeviness of having someone host fanfic panels who has made it clear that she thinks anyone who reads or writes Wincest is "the dark side of fandom", and who says slash itself should have stayed underground but she's not a homophobe, oh NO.
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So, oddly enough, I don't feel compelled to jump into the misogyny discussion. I don't know why; usually I'm as wanky as they come (hey, admitting you have a problem is half the battle, or so they say), but this time...I don't know. I do see what people mean when they talk about misogyny, and I agree it's there. I'm more than willing to take part in a letter-writing campaign that remains professional, in the hope of seeing some positive change. I also get the PoV of people who say Dean's been like this since the Pilot. I think both are valid points.

I guess I'm just not sure why it's an issue if people don't agree on this. I mean, do we as a fandom ever agree fully on anything? We all care about the characters and the show; we're all invested in it, probably to a fault. So, you know...maybe we should agree to disagree on this. And maybe don't let it be taken as a personal afront against ourselves if other fans say there's misogyny and we don't see it? Or the other way around, for that matter.

/2 cents won't buy crap these days
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It's probably a bad thing that I want to take the quote Spoiler for 3X13 ) and shove it in the face of a particular anti-slash, anti-Wincest writer, isn't it?

Somehow, I can't seem to care. :D
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Title: The Day Fanfic Turned Jared and Jensen Gay and Totally Ruined Their Lives Forever
Author: [ profile] hanncoll
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Warnings: RPS, tongue firmly in cheek.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Made it all up. None of it is true. Well, except that Jared and Jensen are indeed from Texas; that part is true. Everything else is NOT REAL.
Comments: Humor. Crack. Spoof regarding wank about fanfic. It's [ profile] keepaofthecheez's fault.
Summary: Jared and Jensen find out about fanfic, and tragedy ensues.

J2 parody/commentary/...thing, inspired by recent wank. )

Updated 6/20/08: Now with Wordle!



Apr. 12th, 2008 10:25 am
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Is Battlestar Galactica fandom actually wankier than Supernatural fandom, or did I just happen to start paying attention at an unusually wanky time?

Seriously, I saw two wanky posts yesterday (both of which were bahleeted), and now there's wank over a poll for favorite ships. Because apparently dozens of journals have been created for the express purpose of voting for Lee/Kara? And people...are actually going through and checking when journals were created. And the creator of the poll is now refusing to continue the poll because THE FUN HAS BEEN SPOILED. A flounce cannot be far behind. I haven't been involved with a fandom with shipping wars since X-Files; I'd almost forgotten about all that kinda stuff.

Relatedly, I'm up to episode six of season 3, still loving the show and anxious to get caught up so I can watch season four eps with the rest of fandom hopefully without wank. I did sneak and watch about five minutes of last night's ep because I am WEAK and have NO WILLPOWER.

I'm also kind of disenchanted with SPN fandom at the moment for several reasons, none of which is worth going into at length. I keep reminding myself that during hiatus, fandom will find ways to entertain itself, even if that means biting off its own metaphorical nose to spite its metaphorical face. This, too, shall pass, but it's annoying as hell while it's going on.
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I know I've been crap about replying to comments lately, and I'm really sorry. I love you guys and read everything, but omg I have no brain for anything beyond "Jensen Pretty, Jared Hawt". *hugs long-suffering flist*

Apparently there is more wank in SPN fandom. Or more of the same wank? This time, I gather it has to do with people writing Jensen as overweight, or something. know, whatever trips your trigger, you know? Beyond that, I really, really don't want to know. Cause again, Jensen Pretty, Jared Hawt.

I have an ear infection wtf. Ow. And also? Ow. Does explain me being in bed by nine the past three nights, though. And, because County employees can use the employees' free health clinic, I saw a nurse practicioner (that looks like it's spelled wrong. Too pooped to care, though.) and was out with an antibiotics scrip within 20 minutes. County benefits ftw!

Every single person I have met or talked to who is employed by the county has been so freakin' nice. I'm sure there must be assholes out there, but so far they haven't found me.

Oh! Oh! You know how, when you start a new job, there's this uncertainty about what people think about various things, and political opinions and whatnot? Well, my supervisor guy noticed my Heath Shuler bumper sticker (Democratic Congressman from my district), and he kind of shook his head and said, "Yeah, I saw your Shuler bumper sticker." And I was all "" because, you know, are they all Republicans here or something? And then he shook his head again, like it was such a shame, and said "Yeah, if we'd known that..." and I'm bracing for the worst, and he sort of leans in closer and says, very quietly "...we'd have had to give you a raise." \o/ So, it turns out that all but one person in the building is at least nominally Democratic. Not too shabby for a place with pictures of Dubya and Cheney on the wall (and the Cheney picture -- omg I'm not sure how this can be his official picture, because he's quite literally /smirking/ and all smarmy and I HATE HIS FREAKIN GUTS.)

Now, if I find out they're all Supernatural fans, I may marry them on the spot. All of them. And we'll have this one huge, polygamous, Bush-snarking, Supernatural-watching enclave OF LOVE.
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I am in love with THIS POST.

My fandom may be batshit, and there's no doubt we can wank with the best of 'em, but things like this remind me that the vast majority of it are not petty, spoil-sporting, nay-saying Dementors killjoys bent on harshing the squee at every opportunity (or slamming an actor for daring to *gasp* have a girlfriend and say so! *gasp*)
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Can I just say, now that the play's over and it's all said and done, that I'm so pleased that from all accounts, fans who went to the play behaved themselves wonderfully? I was, honestly, sort of afraid that something would happen like the girl jumping on Jensen in England, and I'm so relieved that nothing did. People behaved, people acted sanely, people acted like adults. It reflects well on us all, and if we're really lucky, maybe it'll encourage Jensen to not only do more theatre (which I'd love to see happen), but continue making himself accessible to the fans the way he did in Texas. Ditto for Jared, naturally.

I don't know if people who are new to fandom really realize how lucky this fandom is, and not just for the fact that so many people associated with the show have been accessible. Partly I know it's just that SPN is a comparatively small fandom, but also I think it's just that the folks who bring this show to life are nice people who like what they do, and who believe in the show as much as we do. In turn, I think they realize how lucky they are to have such a passionate fan base.

We have our share of drama -- wherever there's such passion, it's unavoidable -- but by and large, we are more reasoned, mature, and professional people than we are shrieking fangirls. I'm glad to be part of this fandom.
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Um. [ profile] hossgal (she of the 'your use of an unaltered, textless screencap icon is offensive to me because YOU think it's wincesty' opinion) has rec'd my fic ( Which, omg yays, happy day! And also, omgwtfbbq? And also also, I doubt she even remembers me trying to discuss the matter with her, but also also also, she sort of gives my fic a backhanded compliment: "This one's a bit weaker than several others that I'm listing, but there's a line in there about green tea. And I'm a sucker for stuff like that."

Which, um...thank you? I guess? For liking the fact that I mentioned green tea? Even though you thought the other 838 words of it were weak?

I'll just be over here, reminding myself that a rec is a /good/ thing. *g*

Edit: I /swear/ I'm gonna learn how to do the coding properly someday!
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One thing I just don't understand about the Wincest wank is how the person from yesterday and others like her think they can legitimately compare people writing and reading /fiction/ to real-life pedophiles, serial killers and substance abusers. What is it about the topic of incest that makes that seem an appropriate form of debate? How do they not see that that /immediately/ means they lose the argument?

cut for tl;dr )


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