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Sean Maher co-starred as Dr. Simon Tam, the sensitive yet determined brother who'd do anything to protect his sister, River. Maher has guest-starred in Ghost Whisperer, CSI: Miami and Drop Dead Diva and starred in the A&E movie Wedding Wars. He is currently working on a romantic comedy called Timing, starring opposite Eureka's Colin Ferguson as his love interest.

From here.
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Holy crap, the CW just ran a Supernatural promo during Gossip Girl -- no, I'm not watching it. It, uh...just happened to be on. While I happened to be looking at the screen. For the past 45 minutes. THE POINT BEING holy crap, the CW acknowledges Supernatural's existance. DURING GOSSIP GIRL.

Anyone seen the weather report in hell?
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Holy crap. There was an F-2 tornado in NYC today.

But remember, kids, global warming is a liberal myth.
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Um. [ profile] hossgal (she of the 'your use of an unaltered, textless screencap icon is offensive to me because YOU think it's wincesty' opinion) has rec'd my fic ( Which, omg yays, happy day! And also, omgwtfbbq? And also also, I doubt she even remembers me trying to discuss the matter with her, but also also also, she sort of gives my fic a backhanded compliment: "This one's a bit weaker than several others that I'm listing, but there's a line in there about green tea. And I'm a sucker for stuff like that."

Which, um...thank you? I guess? For liking the fact that I mentioned green tea? Even though you thought the other 838 words of it were weak?

I'll just be over here, reminding myself that a rec is a /good/ thing. *g*

Edit: I /swear/ I'm gonna learn how to do the coding properly someday!


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