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Sorry about the spamage, but I couldn't /not/ post this!

Op:Win and Fandom Rocks got a really nice mention in The Supernatural Online Fandom: Take Two:

For something truly inspirational, there are two big charity sites. Operation: Winchester is dedicated to sending Supernatural Season one DVDs to the troops overseas via care packages. Word is the show is very popular among the soldiers, and fans are doing their part to show support by delivering them a part of the same joy we get at home. This campaign is ongoing, and details about how to donate can be found on the site. Fandom Rocks recently raised money in the name of Supernatural for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and the Lawrence Humane Society in Lawrence Kansas (which is the hometown of Sam and Dean Winchester). In their latest campaign, they managed to raise $2350 for both charities. The site has a nice profile of each visit to those places and the challenges these facilities face. They also indicate to stay tuned, for another campaign is in the works, but they are always accepting donations online.

Yet again Supernatural fans, you've amazed me, and I’m sure there are still way more that I’m missing. It’s incredible what love and inspiration from one show can do to motivate people in different ways. Once everyone is done with the diversion of the four remaining episodes of the season over the next month, it’ll be time to share that pent up energy online all summer. I’ll be there lurking, taking notes, and having a great time.

Whoot! Also, I really need to update the site.


Mar. 24th, 2008 08:27 am
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Many thanks to [ profile] potthead for pointing this out.

Here's the newest Supernatural t-shirt from Power Star Collectibles.

Here's the Operation: Winchester logo I commissioned from [ profile] potthead a year ago.

Notice any similarity?

*freakin' pissed off*

Okay...anyone know where to even begin dealing with this? I'm going to post to [ profile] fandom_lawyers and ask there, too.
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Hey, all you graphics-talented people out there! I have tried and failed to do this myself, so now I'm begging for someone to do it for me -- I'm wanting to design some new t-shirts for the OpWin Cafepress site. I've got the front pocket graphic covered, but what I'd like to do is have some of the more fun quotes from the show on the back. Just a simple, clean design that's the right size for the back of a t-shirt, and possibly the same thing in a color that'll work on black t-shirts.

So, would anyone be able to hook me up? I'd be glad to give you a free t-shirt as a thank you once they're all finished. :D

Quotes I'm thinking of offhand (though I'd also appreciate suggestions for more):

"I hope your apple pie was freakin' worth it!"
"Driver picks the music; shotgun shuts his cakehole."
"Saving people, hunting things -- the family business."
"I lost my shoe." :(
"Hell is like...well, it's like Hell."
"I'm shocked at this unforseen turn of events."
"I evil twin."
"I...shot the sheriff." "But you didn't shoot the deputy!"
"Demons I get; people are just crazy."
"He full-on ObiWan'd me."
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In November, we announced the beginning of the Operation: Winchester Phase Two project. In Phase Two, we teamed with Staten Island Project Homefront, which ships care packages to troops overseas. We had hoped to send half a dozen or so copies of Supernatural Season 1 DVD sets to Project Homefront to be included with their packages, and asked fans for donations to help make that happen. Supernatural fans then surpassed our wildest dreams by donating enough to buy twenty-four DVD sets! Many, many thanks to everyone who donated -- clearly, SPN fans rock. :)

The DVDs were bought (from no fewer than eight different places, since nearly every online store had a purchase limit of three sets, and some of those were on back-order) and sent to Project Homefront. Then, [ profile] potthead and her contact at Harper-Collins arranged for a box of Supernatural books (nine each of Nevermore, Witch's Canyon and The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons and Ghouls) to be sent to Project Homefront on our behalf. Many thanks to [ profile] potthead for all of her help -- I'm sure the troops will enjoy those books!

The folks at Project Homefront spent Jan. 3 packing the boxes for this month's shipment. Jack Semich, the Project Homefront Executive Director, was kind enough to take pictures of the DVD sets ready to be packed. Pictures behind the cut. )

The packages have been mailed and are on their way to the troops right now. Again, thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible. :)

Now, we want to thank Project Homefront for all of their help by making a donation to help defray their postage expenses. Mr. Semich told me that this shipment alone cost $2700 -- and they ship every six weeks. All of those shipping costs have to be met by contributions. So please, consider making a donation to Operation: Winchester's Paypal account so we can help with that. Click the donate button below, or visit the Operation: Winchester website.

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I'm exhausted and I owe approximately sixty GAZILLION replies (which I swear I'll get to this weekend!), but I have one tiny thing I need to squee about -- Project Homefront packed 24 sets of Supernatural DVDs and 20 Supernatural books into packages for troops overseas today! they'll be mailed out in a couple of days. I'm gonna hold out announcing it publicly a bit longer; I'm hoping to have a picture or two of the boxes first. But anyway, yay! :D

Oh, and one more thing that's fandom-related: Things that make you go 'BZUH?' )

Also, my sister had her nose broken yesterday. By her Jack Russell terrier.O_o She bent down to pick something up, and he chose that moment to bounce up. He's fine; she looks like Marcia Brady after she was introduced to that football. And, I assure you, she will NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN. What's a big sister for, if it's not to make your little sister's life more difficult? I ask you this.

Need my bed now. <3
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I finally finished watching all of "Jericho" (yay DVDs for Christmas yay). I really like it, and Skeet Ulrich isn't making me roll my eyes like he was in the first couple of episodes. In fact, I like his character quite a lot now. And, surprise surprise! My OTP thus far is Stanley/Mimi, 'cause how cute are they? I haven't had a het OTP since, oh, X-Files Mulder/Scully. Odd thing is, so far I'm not seeing a lot of potential hoyay in this series, which is sorta sad. Possibly Jake/Stanley, actually, now that I think of it. Ooh, or Robert/Jake. I'm looking forward to new Jericho eps in February, whoot! Also, I need Jericho icons. And Jericho fanfic...are there comms for this?

How long 'til new Supernatural? *pines*

Question: How hard is it to find 22 copies of Supernatural season 1 dvds?
Answer: A lot harder than you'd think.

Season 1 is, apparently, in short supply. (from whom I thought I'd be ordering all of the Operation: Winchester copies) refused to let me buy more than three copies, and even when I went back and tried to order under hubby's name, it said I had ordered the maximum number of that item. Suckers. I tried asking exactly /when/ I'd be able to order them again, and -- who must have the world's worst customer service -- simply kept sending me the same canned response: blah blah blah sorry but we're not a wholesaler blah blah blah. *smites*

So, I ordered three from -- which unsurprisingly also had a limit of three, and are unfortunately on back order. Then, I ordered copies from,,, and from a seller who had four copies. Then, I bought all the copies I could find locally (except for the one copy they had at fyi, 'cause there's no way in hell I'm paying $60 for it) and mailed those to PH. Those, combined with two copies I had here for my own future Op: Win packages, totalled 21 copies, which is fairly close. Also, someone in Staten Island emailed wanting to donate SPN dvds for the Project Homefront shipment, and she's going to go out to PH for their packing day Jan. 3 and hopefully take pictures of the DVDs being packed, whoot!

Anyway, I'm going to the mall with a cranky 12-year-old. If I end up in prison for murder and/or mayhem, you'll know why.
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Supernatural fans, you are amazing.

When I made the 'last call' post on Saturday asking for donations, Operation: Winchester had enough donations to buy five DVD sets to send to Project Homefront for the troops overseas. Forty-eight hours later, Supernatural fans have donated a total of $917.00 -- enough to buy about 22 DVD sets! You guys rock. Thank you all so much for your generosity. :D

Because of some minor delays with Paypal and that are being ironed out, we're not going to be able to get the DVDs to Project Homefront for the holiday shipment. While that's disappointing, we'll have plenty of time to get the DVDs included in the next shipment (in January) and help the troops celebrate the new year. There'll also be more time to search for a better deal, so hopefully we can buy even more DVD sets.

Thank you again to all of you. I'll keep you posted with any developments; please let me know if you have any questions. :)


Nov. 18th, 2007 08:12 am
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I'll post about this with more detail later in the day, but let me just say that the response to Operation: Winchester phase two in the past 24 hours has my jaw on the floor. Say what you will about Supernatural fandom (lord knows I do!), but in times like this, I'm damned proud to be part of it.

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Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to Operation: Winchester's Phase Two! We're joining with Project Homefront, who will send Supernatural DVD sets in care packages to troops overseas -- for free! All we have to do is buy the DVDs and send them to Project Homefront.

In order for the DVDs to reach Project Homefront in time for their holiday shipment of care packages, we'll need to have the Supernatural DVD sets bought and shipped to Project Homefront no later than tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 17. It's not too late for you to help out! To donate, you can go to the Operation Winchester Paypal account. Any amount is greatly appreciated! Right now, we have enough donations to send five DVD sets -- let's see if we can make that six. :)

[Info on MSG Kevin Wise redacted. For more information, please contact me at toastytravesty @]

To help send Supernatural DVD sets to troops overseas, CLICK HERE. Please help spread the word! Thanks, all. :D

(my apologies to those of you who see this several times on your flist.)
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From the Supernatural convention in Chicago today, we got this snippet:

* Master Sergeant Kevin Wise, a Special Forces soldier, presented the guys with a letter from General David Petraeus, commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq, as well as honorary Special Forces coins from his unit. Supernatural is the most requested DVD among armed forces personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan! The guys were amazed and touched, and presented Wise with a shooting script, signed by the cast and crew. Source.

Today, we're kicking off Phase Two of Operation: Winchester. In Phase One, people put together their own Operation: Winchester packages, got contact names and addresses from, and send packages themselves. This first phase of Operation: Winchester is ongoing.

Now, there's another way you can be a part of Operation: Winchester! In Phase Two of the project, Operation: Winchester is teaming up with The Staten Island Project Homefront to send more copies of "Supernatural" DVD sets to troops overseas. The Staten Island Project Homefront is a campaign that mails care packages to troops on a regular basis; please check out their website for more information. The folks at Project Homefront have agreed to include in their packages as many DVD sets as we can send them -- and they'll pay the postage for the care packages! All Operation: Winchester has to do is buy the DVD sets and have them sent to Project Homefront.

Even better, we plan to buy the DVDs via (so we can take advantage of their free shipping) and use the Fandom Rocks! Amazon link, which means that Fandom Rocks! will get a portion of the sales price!

How can you help?

1) You can donate towards buying Supernatural DVDs for Phase Two by CLICKING HERE. You can donate the cost of a set of DVDs (currently $39.99) if you like, but any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated.

2) Please help spread the word about the project!

Project Homefront mails packages roughly every six weeks. In order to be included in their holiday shipment, I'll need to purchase the DVD sets one week from today.

Thanks so much for your help!
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The lovely [ profile] anteka took this picture during her set visit in Vancouver yesterday (more here.) My postcard's the one on the upper right. :D Also, [ profile] anteka says the cast and crew are asking for more postcards! Go to [ profile] spn_postcards to find out how to send yours. :D

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Back from DragonCon! OMG so tired, but I had a blast and got to hang out with [ profile] zillah975, [ profile] marny_h96 and [ profile] vixalicious. :D

[ profile] beizy, I got your voicemail, but by the time I got somewhere quiet enough to make a call, it was crazy late, so I figured I shouldn't call. Hope you had fun! [ profile] cara_chapel, you too! I was hoping we would bump into each other at some point, but good GOD there were a lot of people there.

I took exactly two pictures all weekend -- hopefully once I get permission from everyone, I'll post 'em here.

A few things I learned this weekend (or had reconfirmed):

*kilts on guys -- virtually always of the good.
*whoever designed the layout of our hotel was either a sadist or a scientist studying the behaviors of humans in a maze that makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.
*Semi-decent food from mall food court by the pool at dusk and far away from the maddening crowd FTW.
*Four-day DragonCon pass: $70. Hotel room close to MARTA lines split three ways: $130. Eating out two meals a day: $100. Four days spent among friends and people who don't think the things you like are weird: PRICELESS.

...Also, I'm never gonna get caught back up on all my flists, am I?

Oh! The coolest thing happened online while I was gone (and NO, I'm not talking about the Chicago con tickets going on sale, cause wow, is that ever more than I can afford :\). did a really nice write-up about Operation: Winchester! My favorite part: Fandom does not have the responsibility to adopt a grass roots human interest cause, but it could be said that some of the ‘super fan' organizations that have evolved make the perfect billboard for matters that assault the nation's - and even the world's – collective unconscious.  Have Supernatural fans started a trend that will infect the fandom surrounding other popular shows as well?  One can only hope. *beams*
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Everyone in the Western world is going to ComicCon but me and it's going to be amazing and I'm not gonna be there! *tantrums*

There now; that's better. Maybe.

I has a flavor favor or three to ask, and some pretty in return.

1) I'm looking to promote Operation: Winchester far and wide, and I'd really like to tell people on various forums/websites/other journaling services about the project. What would be awesome is if some of you who are already involved in these other areas could post there and help spread the word. I'm thinking the TWoP forums ([ profile] mrstinkles, did you say you post there?), the Supernatural CW forums. Where else do SPN fans congregate? Would it be worthwhile to have an OpWin facebook account and/or *shudder* MySpace? The project has already been pimped on the IMDB boards, yay!

2) Could someone help with contacting (or at least helping me figure out how to contact) TV bloggers and asking them to mention the project? [ profile] raelee from Ramblings of a TV Whore mentioned OpWin yesterday, yay! I've tried to contact thetvaddict and duckyxdale, but haven't had a response from them so far. I'd also like to contact Mike Ausiello at TVguide (hey, might as well think big!) and anyone else who might be receptive. Buddytv? Or is that TVbuddy?I'd also like to contact some of the bigger fansites for the various actors, and see if they're willing to give us a mention. The more people who hear about us, the better -- and the more care packages that'll get sent.

3) Would someone who's going to ComicCon be willing to take some OpWin flyers to set out on the freebies table? I'd gladly pay for either sending flyers out to you, or pay you for the cost of printing them out, whichever is easier for you. [ profile] shelaghc also suggested that the Browncoats table might be willing to let us set out flyers at their table. Anyone know how to contact them? Any other ideas related to ComicCon?

3a) Would anyone like to have a free OpWin t-shirt from the CafePress shop in exchange for wearing it at the con? *puppydog eyes*

Now, for the pretty! Specifically, the Jared Padalecki pretty. And maybe I shouldn't post this, cause I'm, like, old, and probably shouldn't be perving on someone who's closer to my daughter's age than mine (*sob*), and, you know, SPN is srs bizniz and more than two pretty faces and all that, but you know? Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the pretty. So, I feel the need to point out this picture, which I've shamelessly ganked from the dean_sam comm, )

Also, I so adore this graphic -- pity it's too large to be used as an lj icon. Also I forgot to note who made it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think I may cross-post the requests for help to the [ profile] promote_spn comm, as well. Also...I wonder if there's a comm for people attending ComicCon? Hmm...
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First of all, RL's complete and utter crap right now, but I'm trying something different, namely: not spewing every negative thing on my LJ. Yes, I know, I should probably have smelling salts available when I start talking like that. But I'mma going for it, babe. Head spinning, projectile vomiting, the whole nine yards.

I so want to get the Operation: Winchester site launched. I was looking through last night, looking for a few more details I need from there, and it's so overwhelming to see the lists and lists of people asking for such basic things, like toothpaste or soap or shampoo. Socks. Bottled water because the only well available to them is contaminated and people are getting sick from it. I mean, water, people. Baby wipes because they don't have showers available. The ones who don't ask for anything except a letter for their troops who aren't getting any mail just kill me, y'all. I want to do something to help every one of them, and it's overwhelming because there's just no way.

Then I happened on the part of their site where they list people who were contacts who have been killed. There are pictures, and y'all, I just wept. All those smiling young faces, and they're gone. I'm trying really hard to keep my political opinions completely separate from Operation: Winchester, because I don't think politics are appropriate there. Suffice it to say, I'm frustrated and angry.

At least Operation: Winchester will give me a concrete way to do something. I can't keep them safe, but maybe I can give a few of them a smile, you know? Maybe I can give them a few small comforts, a little entertainment, a note to let them know they're not forgotten. It's not much, but it's something I can do. When Op:Win gets going, there'll be more people doing the same things for more troops, and maybe together we can make a difference.

So, this weekend, I'm going to try to get my tail in gear and finish what needs finishing so we can get the project rolling. I'm really slow about it, especially with coding, and I have to give it my undivided attention or I can't get anything done at all, so I've got to do it when the kids are sleeping or otherwise engaged. I just think I'll feel better when we're under way, and more packages are in the mail.
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Eee, I'm so happy. I just mailed out my first two Operation: Winchester packages, bringing the total sent so far (even though I haven't actually posted for people to start sending yet) to four. :D

One package is going to an Army unit in Iraq; the other is going to a Navy carrier at sea. The postal worker said it's only been taking a week for troops to receive packages, which I thought was pretty awesome.

Man, I don't know why, but I just feel so much better knowing they're on their way. Just, like, relieved and content and happy.

Now, if I can ever get the website launched...

But anyway. Yay!

edit: Just to complete my happiness, from here:

While we were standing there, he either called, or got a call from JENSEN! I immideatly perked up, because I heard, "MAN! You're AWESOME! You're kicking ASS!" Then he said, something like, "I wanted to surprise you!" He was quiet for a second and said, "Of course! I wanted to be here to see you!" and then he mentioned something about all the lines Jensen had to learn. He must have told him three or four times that Jensen was doing awesome, great, wonderful, etc. He was VERY sweet and energetic and you could just TELL they have a wonderfu lfriendship.

Oh, boys. How much do I love that they love each other so much? A WHOLE, WHOLE LOT, THAT'S HOW MUCH.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What is Operation: Winchester?

Operation: Winchester is a project that aims to introduce "Supernatural" to the hard-working troops overseas by sending them sets of the Season 1 DVDs (and later, season 2). In the process, we not only put some much-needed quality entertainment in the hands of a lot of deserving people (many of whom are in the coveted 'males age 18 to 24' demographic that the networks love so much), but we also help spread the word about "Supernatural" and increase sales of the DVD sets in the process.

Everybody wins!

How does it work?

Operation: Winchester participants buy a "Supernatural" season 1 DVD set, choose a contact from, and mail off the DVD set with a letter briefly explaining "Supernatural" and Operation: Winchester. Of course, you can also include other items to brighten the troops' day -- each contact on lists items they would like to receive.

Important: choose a contact that specifically asks for DVDs, or mentions having access to a DVD player. Not all troops have the ability to watch DVDs, and we don't want to disappoint anyone by sending them things they can't use.

When does it start?

Participants can start now by buying the DVD sets they plan to send, and choosing where to send them. We'll have more information soon regarding how to mail the packages, ideas for "themed" boxes and so on. We're aiming to mail the first packages by Memorial Day (US) -- May 28, 2007.

Make sure you tell us by commenting here or by emailing when you've mailed your package, so we can keep track of how many packages have been sent.

What can you do to help?

*Plan to send an Operation: Winchester package -- or two!
*Tell your friends about the project, and get them involved.
*Spread the word about the project online.
*Design graphics for the project -- banners that can be used to promote the project, icons, headers, etc.
*Design an Operation: Winchester logo that can be printed off and included with packages.
*Suggest screencaps to be used on an Operation: Winchester website. We're looking for caps showing the Winchester boys 'in action' -- aiming weapons, fighting ghosts and so on. Post the caps here, or email them to
*If you want to help but can't send a package, you can contribute to the project's PayPal account. All funds will be used to send Operation: Winchester packages to troops overseas. More information on this will be forthcoming.
*Want to send packages to troops from other countries? Great! We'd love to include them. Research the details on how to do this, and send us the information so we can add it to the project.
*Know something we're forgetting? Have a great idea for the project? Please let us know!

If you have any questions or comments, please comment here or email

Crossposting to [ profile] promote_spn


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