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I'm home, whoot! Had a great time, but oh my GOD, I'm glad to be back. More about the work conference/vacation later. I missed you guys! I'm still pissed at the hotel for charging $10 a DAY for internet access, which basically meant no net for me for the past six days. I did sneak onto the guest computer in the lobby a couple of times to see if anything drastic showed up in email (and to sign into the internet class), but I have NO clue what's going on in the world beyond that.

Please, please, PLEASE, someone summarize anything important that happened while I was gone. LJ, news, fandom, entertainment, ANYTHING. I feel so out of the loop. *puppydog eyes*

I did hear this morning that Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate. Obviously, I'm disappointed it's not Clinton, but to be honest, it's not surprising. There's some apalling (and undeserved) hatred for Hillary in this country, and from a strictly political point of view, she could've been a detriment to the Democratic ticket. Plus, Biden has the experience to balance out Obama's relative inexperience. On a purely personal note, Joe Biden lectured during a government class of mine back at USC about 20 years ago, and he impressed me a lot. So, I'm trying to move on from the disappointments of the Democratic race (Edwards dropping out, Hillary conceding defeat, Edwards' indescretions and the infuriating media frenzy over what should've been between Edwards and Elizabeth) and get excited about the Obama/Biden ticket.

Speaking of being excited, I can't even explain how happy I am to be taking classes again and working towards teacher licensure. That may change as the semester goes on, but for now, WHEEE, I'm a student again. :D Taking classes online is a whole new world, y'all; it's gonna take some getting used to. I've also gotta get my hands on a copy of Word, because assignments have to be Word docs. The copy on my laptop is the trial version, plus it's the 2007 version, which seems unnecessarily complicated. Anyone know where I can get a *cough*free*cough* copy of Word 2003?

I dunno what's going on with me; all of a sudden I'm wanting to spruce things up -- the house, my blogs, myself. I swear, it's like I'm nesting (first person who asks if I'm pregnant gets whacked over the head with a dead fish).

Anyway, I'm gonna dive into the flist and see how far back I can get. Later, classwork! Bwee!

Edit: Has anyone procured the SPN season 3 DVDs yet?

Edit II: What's this I hear about SGA getting cancelled?!

Edit III: Did I mention how grateful I am to my job for the mostly-free beach vacation? No? OMG SO GRATEFUL. What job pays for you and your family to go to the beach, and then only expects you to go to interesting workshops in return? THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME JOB.
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*presses nose against window*

*restrains self from running out and dancing in it*
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Anyone have "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" that they wouldn't mind uploading for me? I'm in need of a serious dose of LIFE GOES ON. Thanks! :) Thank you, [ profile] wanttobeatree!

In other news, I am a lazy, lazy woman who does not want to be at work today. Meh! I keep thinking maybe by this time a couple of years from now, I'll be a teacher starting summer vacation. :D

I got a couple of tags done over the long weekend and tried to work on a few of my in-progress fics, though none of that went very far. Question: is it even worth finishing and posting an Ava POV fic set during AHBL 1 that was subsequently Joss'd, or should I forget that and work on something more currently relevant?

Relatedly, it cracks me up that I'm still getting new comments on the J2 badfic I wrote several weeks ago. I'm considering forgetting about regular writing and just writing badfic all the time. *g*
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Happy birthday, [ profile] ladnews! Hope it's a great one. :)

I'm snagging this from [ profile] strawberryelfsp.

In lieu of a Friday Five, I'm listing five things that got me through the past week:

* Repeatedly listening to "Dead or Alive" on Slippery When Wet (Bon Jovi rocks. On occasion.)
* SPN Season 1 & 2 gag reels (can't link 'cause work blocks youtube, but if you haven't seen 'em, go now. :D)
* Researching my options for becoming a teacher omg!
* Getting excited again about an old unposted fic.
* Y'all. Especially those of you who have talked me down off the ceilings this week. Mwah!
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Sorry for the spamminess, but can anyone point me towards one of those universities that have free online classes in all sorts of subjects? Found it! MIT OpenCourseWare

I was just sitting here, regretting that I'm so bad in math and science. Seriously, I've seen school systems in our area offering signing bonuses to math teachers, but elementary teachers are pretty much considered a dime a dozen. But more than that, I'm sick of not being able to help my 7th-grader with her math homework. I feel like I fail at math, and I DON'T WANT TO.


Anyway, if anyone can point me in that direction, I'd appreciate it. :)


May. 20th, 2008 07:51 pm
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I'm getting in bed the moment my husband gets home from work, and I wanna watch really comforting SPN episodes. Any suggestions?

Ooh! Or how about really comforting fic? Recs, please?
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Psst...wanna see some hawt chicks? >_>

Safe for work )
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Collin is SINGING IN THE SHOWER. OMG it is the cutest thing any child has ever done in the history of ever.

What's he singing? "Jingle Bells"! *falls over*



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So, I'm insisting Hannah goes to bed at a decent hour because she has Girl Scouts tomorrow (four-hour meeting omg). And she's complaining, and every single one of her friends gets to stay up late and it's all SOOOOO NOT FAIR! And I tell her we only have rules because we care about her. And she says...

"It DRIVES ME CRAZY how much you CARE ABOUT ME!!!one!!1!"

*cracks up* :D
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I'm exhausted and I owe approximately sixty GAZILLION replies (which I swear I'll get to this weekend!), but I have one tiny thing I need to squee about -- Project Homefront packed 24 sets of Supernatural DVDs and 20 Supernatural books into packages for troops overseas today! they'll be mailed out in a couple of days. I'm gonna hold out announcing it publicly a bit longer; I'm hoping to have a picture or two of the boxes first. But anyway, yay! :D

Oh, and one more thing that's fandom-related: Things that make you go 'BZUH?' )

Also, my sister had her nose broken yesterday. By her Jack Russell terrier.O_o She bent down to pick something up, and he chose that moment to bounce up. He's fine; she looks like Marcia Brady after she was introduced to that football. And, I assure you, she will NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN. What's a big sister for, if it's not to make your little sister's life more difficult? I ask you this.

Need my bed now. <3
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I know I've been crap about replying to comments lately, and I'm really sorry. I love you guys and read everything, but omg I have no brain for anything beyond "Jensen Pretty, Jared Hawt". *hugs long-suffering flist*

Apparently there is more wank in SPN fandom. Or more of the same wank? This time, I gather it has to do with people writing Jensen as overweight, or something. know, whatever trips your trigger, you know? Beyond that, I really, really don't want to know. Cause again, Jensen Pretty, Jared Hawt.

I have an ear infection wtf. Ow. And also? Ow. Does explain me being in bed by nine the past three nights, though. And, because County employees can use the employees' free health clinic, I saw a nurse practicioner (that looks like it's spelled wrong. Too pooped to care, though.) and was out with an antibiotics scrip within 20 minutes. County benefits ftw!

Every single person I have met or talked to who is employed by the county has been so freakin' nice. I'm sure there must be assholes out there, but so far they haven't found me.

Oh! Oh! You know how, when you start a new job, there's this uncertainty about what people think about various things, and political opinions and whatnot? Well, my supervisor guy noticed my Heath Shuler bumper sticker (Democratic Congressman from my district), and he kind of shook his head and said, "Yeah, I saw your Shuler bumper sticker." And I was all "" because, you know, are they all Republicans here or something? And then he shook his head again, like it was such a shame, and said "Yeah, if we'd known that..." and I'm bracing for the worst, and he sort of leans in closer and says, very quietly "...we'd have had to give you a raise." \o/ So, it turns out that all but one person in the building is at least nominally Democratic. Not too shabby for a place with pictures of Dubya and Cheney on the wall (and the Cheney picture -- omg I'm not sure how this can be his official picture, because he's quite literally /smirking/ and all smarmy and I HATE HIS FREAKIN GUTS.)

Now, if I find out they're all Supernatural fans, I may marry them on the spot. All of them. And we'll have this one huge, polygamous, Bush-snarking, Supernatural-watching enclave OF LOVE.
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Jobs applied for: 1
Jobs rejected from: 1 (not the same job)

And in far more pleasant news -- [ profile] kripkes_angels! It's a new comm created by [ profile] sightofland for all the female actresses and characters on Supernatural. As [ profile] sightofland says, why should the boys have all the fun?
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triskaidekaphobia \tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\, noun:
A morbid fear of the number 13 or the date Friday the 13th.

Me: Good morning, BlahBlah College, may I help you?
Spacy-sounding woman: Yeah. Uh. Um. What day is it?
Me: What day is what, now?
SSW: What day is it?
Me: ...Friday?
SSW: Oh. Cool. Thanks. *hangs up*

Also also: I managed to wake myself from a sound sleep last night by biting my own tongue -- hard. It's disconcerting to be jerked wide awake and realize you've bitten yourself. O_o Also, it still hurts to talk. Then, I dreamed that I overslept and woke up just as Collin's schoolbus left. Then, Hannah woke me up to tell me she couldn't get back to sleep. Didn't want me to do anything about it or anything; just wanted to tell me so. *sleeps on flist*

Jobs applied for yesterday: 2
Jobs to be applied for today: 4
Jobs rejected for yesterday: 2 (not the same two as applied for. One of them, I didn't actually remember applying for. *scratches head*)
Months job-hunting: 11.5
Approximate number of jobs applied for so far: 40ish
Other job-things looking into: Lateral Entry into Teaching, substitute teaching in two counties as a means to get into the school systems.
Still not knowing what you want to be when you grow up: ridonculous


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