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I forgot to mention that sometime late in the cocktail party Friday night, Sam Ferris gave her shoes to a fan. I'm assuming there was alcohol involved. *g* Next day at the Q&A, she's all "I gave my shoes to someone last night!" and the fan, of course, had them with her and held them up, and Samantha was all "Keep 'em! I never want to see them again; they hurt like hell. They're totally expensive and I NEVER WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN. KEEP 'EM!"
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*Jared knows about RPGs. (O_O DO NOT WANT) Thankfully, he's fine with them.
*Jared is scared by 8-year-old girls.
*Jared says he calls Jensen "Ugly", since everyone else calls him pretty (and that Jensen calls him "Lord") Actually, he calls Jensen "Shmackles" or "Shmack", and Jensen calls him "Stretch".
*Jared quoted the Latin exorcism ritual from memory. It was more than a little hawt.
*He did the "I lost my shoe" face for us, but first he said he could only do it while acting, so he had people say "action", then "cut" after he made the face.
*A little kid asked him if he saw a demon IRL, what would he do. Jared said he'd run like crazy. Unless the demon was messin' with the kid, in which case he'd kick its ass. ♥
*I so need a new camera.
*Jim Beaver thinks we're all idjits!
*John/Bobby. (And I've seen people saying he must not've known what it meant. People. He knew. While I'm not wild about someone giving him the shirt, he knew.)
*Gabriel Tigerman has never been to a con before, but despite being a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing at first, he seemed to have a great time (and the man NEVER SLEPT.)
*Also, he said he realized the effect the role had when his college friend sent him Ash/Andy (Chad/Gabriel?) fanfiction.
*Chad Lindberg is a little weirded out (in a very amusing way) by the idea that there's Ash/Andy fic out there, and he plans to go check it out (again, DO NOT WANT). I think Gabriel might've been the one to tell him?
*Samantha Ferris is hotter than hell (wait; we already knew that one).
*Samantha Ferris is a bit annoyed that we didn't see Ellen any this season (though there's a very small chance she might be in one before the season's over). Also, she drunk-emailed Eric Kripke and some unnamed PTB to bitch them out for replacing Ellen with Ruby and Bela (she said it, not me!) and was horrified the next morning when she realized she had done so, then spent the next day trying to dig herself out of that particular hole. Also? She's a hilarious and awesome storyteller.
*Also, she said Jensen was really shaken by the fan who jumped on him in England.
*Alona Tal is very sweet, a good sport and doesn't seem to hold it against us that we lost her a job.
*Also, she's incredibly tiny and very pretty.
*Also, she said she was never told that Jo was supposed to be inexperienced, so she was still trying to play her pretty bad-ass. She wants to play more bad-asses.
*Sandy McCoy is precious. There is NO other way to accurately describe her. She's cute and genuine and self-effacing. And, dude -- she remembered my name the next day. She remembered where I live! She remembered what my friend does for a living! And she's completely, happily, off-her-ass in love with Jared Padalecki. Seriously, HE is the lucky one.
*Also, she said when Jared proposed, they were in their hotel room in Paris and he was telling her how he loved her and she thought he was just talking about their four-year anniversary, which was that day. And they were both crying and he stood her up and went down on one knee ("And he was still as tall as me!") to ask her.

More laterish; right now my bed's calling me.
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Jensen Ackles to star in "My Bloody Valentine 3-D.

Erk. I mean, "Friday the 13th" is one thing -- it's iconic, very nearly a classic. This one is a remake, too, but I don't think I ever saw it. I just... I hope it ends up being a whole lot better than it sounds. But yay that Jensen's working.

I'm sitting in the Orlando airport, waiting for my flight in an hour or so. Yay free wifi! I'll reply to comments tonight, hopefully. *snorgles*


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