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It's college football season, baby! \o/ Tonight, my 'Cocks take on the NC State Wolfpack. SO EXCITED OMG.

Now, as long as my 'Cocks don't let me down...
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Hey, I forgot to mention that Bob Dole randomly showed up at the closing banquet for my work conference last week. You guys should be proud of me -- I didn't throw things at him or anything. He basically took over the microphone and...okay. The guy's funny; I'll give him that. And he didn't even mention his wife, who's running for re-election to the senate, so kudos to him for that. He joked about Viagra and being a big loser and the hate mail he's gotten, and, yeah, grudging amusement from me.

Completely unrelated, but OMG college football season is upon us! \o/ My 'Cocks play on ESPN Thursday, and the BC team plays Saturday. Football season, how I love thee! Never leave me again.
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Greetings USC Band Alumni,

We are pleased to announce that the Athletics Department is providing the alumni band with comp tickets for the Wofford football game on September 20, 2008.  Please mark your calendar and make plans to attend alumni band activities September 19 and 20, 2008.  

More information will be forthcoming.

Thank you and Go Cocks!

*whine on* Oh, man, I so want to go to Alumni Band this year, but it's in late September, and I'm supposed to be getting the pacemaker/defibrillator sometime in September, and I'm not sure how long it'll be until I'll have the okay to do stuff again. Surely not long, but I DON'T KNOW, and I'm not sure whether to go ahead and register for this and assume I can do it, or plan on sitting out this year.

Where can I get one of those superspiffy electromagnetic heart doo-hickies from Iron Man? Srsly, sign me up. *whine off*
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November, 1987. Somewhere on this football field, part of the band tunnel, wearing a plumed hat that gave her horrible helmet hair and carrying a clarinet with a "BEAT CLEMSON" sticker on it, is a 19-year-old [ profile] hanncoll. \o/

*dies* And I just remembered that that's the game we snuck my younger sister into; she carried my clarinet and marched in with the band because it was the CLEMSON game and tickets for that one are impossible to get.
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*criez and criez and criez*

I lost my shoe.*

(The SPN version of "Shakah, when the walls fell.")
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Less than two minutes.

We're up by ONE POINT.

They have the ball.

*alternates chewing fingernails and ripping out hair*
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OMG we're in the lead!

OMG hang onto it, boys!

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[ profile] hanncoll: FUCK FUCK FUCK
[ profile] zillah975: :(
[ profile] hanncoll: they blocked a punt and ran it back for a touchdown.
[ profile] hanncoll: WOE
[ profile] zillah975: it's early early in the game sweetie
[ profile] zillah975: keep your game face on! they will prevail!
[ profile] hanncoll: it is. Yes. *clings*
[ profile] zillah975: NO ONE CAN DEFEAT THE MIGHTY COCK
[ profile] zillah975: S
[ profile] hanncoll: BWAHAHAHAHA!
[ profile] hanncoll: Yis omg
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"This program is not available in your area. Check Program Guide for alternate programming."

This. Is what I see on ESPN2.

...which is the channel that is broadcasting the Carolina/Clemson game.



edit: I /know/ we've watched games on ESPN2 before. I know we have! Why won't they give me my football game? GIVE ME MY FOOTBALL GAME!
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Today's the biggest day of the year for fans of USC or Clemson football -- and a large chunk of the state. The rivalry is a deep and abiding thing, dating back to the early 1900s, when there were riots and weapons drawn and fights on the streets. In 2004, this happened:

Both teams were headed for bowl games, but both Universities decided not to allow the teams to have post-season games as a result of the fight. The next year, the teams met on the field before the game to shake hands (and apparently, the game was pretty lackluster as a result).

I can't speak for Clemson fans, but all the Carolina fans I know would rather lose every game of the season and beat Clemson than the other way around. Truefax. Last year, Carolina beat Clemson for the first time in five years. After the game ended, I called my sister (who lives in Columbia, SC). She was shopping at Kohl's, and when she told the people around her that Carolina had won, I could hear people cheering and whooping. She said people were dancing in the aisles.

Carolina is expected to lose by three points, but as any Carolina or Clemson fan will tell you, anything can and will happen at this game. Upsets are almost expected, and the teams' records for the season are pretty much irrelevant. The Carolina/Clemson game is something entirely removed from anything else that happens during the course of the year.

When I was a freshman at USC, the game ended in a tie. There was such an outcry from fans of both teams that the SC State Legislature actually passed a law stating that the Carolina/Clemson game can never again end in a tie. It must continue until one team is the winner.

If Carolina wins tonight, it'll be the first time we've beat Clemson two years in a row since 1970. GO, COCKS!

(Apologies in advance if I do the semi-hysterical multiple posting thing tonight. Game starts at 7 Eastern -- fair warning! *g*)
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Well, shit.
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Holy crap! Apparently, Steve Spurrier lit a fire under my boys' asses during halftime. We ended the half with Tennessee up 21-0. Came back, and USC roared into the third quarter. Now it's early in the fourth and we're freaking tied at 21 all!

That's my team.


Oct. 27th, 2007 08:58 pm
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Okay. I feel more than a little silly that I don't know this, because I feel like I really should know this, but. You know, I don't.

What exactly do I need to have to be able to play MP4s? What about .rar files? Failing that, is it possible to convert an MP4/.rar to MP3?

Also, Now that I'm realizing how far in advance Kripke has been foreshadowing things on Supernatural for us, I'm finding that I'm paranoid about every single line that is spoken on the show now. Spoiler for Sin City  )


Tennessee 21, USC 0.

Not even halftime.

Sometimes it really sucks to be a Gamecock.
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#7-ranked USC Gamecocks just /barely/ beat UNC Tarheels today.

Meanwhile, #1-ranked LSU (which beat USC several weeks ago -- our only loss so far this season) just lost in 3 overtimes to Kentucky...

...which USC beat last week.

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Dear Gamecocks:

Did you not get the freakin' message that you're ranked 7th in the nation?! And that the UNC Tarheels you're playing are NOT?! So why have you not scored in the entire second half, and allowed them to score TWICE?!

Are you trying to kill me?!

In conclusion, SHAPE THE HELL UP.

Not much love right now,

edit: Okay, so you survived it; don't EVER freakin' scare me like that again. *glare*
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I'm sitting in my quiet (for now, anyway), autumn-cool house all by myself. I've got my Gamecocks vs. UNC coming on in 20 minutes, and "The Kids Are Alright" on Amazon Unbox in case the game is boring. I have the entire evening, and most of the day tomorrow alone. I'm in the mood for writing or co-writing or both later on, or possibly working on Operation: Winchester updates. Might try for another episode recap like I did for last week's ep. I worked for a few hours (while watching TKAA twice) this morning and had a burrito for lunch. I never get to have Mexican because Ron hates it. I may go wild and make pinto beans and cornbread for supper, since Ron hates that, too.

Did I mention that my Gamecocks are ranked #7 nationwide?

Or that Supernatural's ratings were up this week despite airing opposite Gray's Anatomy, CSI and The Office?

I love this day. :D

Oh, hey, and I hear this week's ep is finally up on iTunes; can anyone link it for me? I dunno, I must be too old or something, because for the life of me, I can't figure out where on the iTunes site you can go to download TV shows. Or music, for that matter.
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Has anyone heard anything on the ratings for last night's Supernatural? Where are such things found, anyway?

More about "The Seven Deadly Sins" later. I have a nasty migraine-like headache going on, so the thought processes are not really what they should be.

Can I just say that the most recent spoilers about Ruby have me going "nanny nanny boo-boo!" and sticking out my virtual tongue to all the naysayers? KRIPKE PWNS U ALL. Seriously, though, I knew Kripke would come up with a way to make this awesome, and as usual, he doesn't disappoint.

Anyway, seems my Gamecocks played a football game. LAST NIGHT. ON TELEVISION. PEOPLE. WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS? The world is fired. Though, come to think of it, it was on opposite Supernatural, which would've only caused me angst and internal conflict, so. And hey, we won! Against Kentucky, dude. :D

I am aching to write up a meta on my take on Dean's "screwed in the head"-ness. Because, seriously? SCREWED IN THE HEAD.

Question: What's the difference between Steve Spurrier and God?
Answer: God doesn't think he's Steve Spurrier. :D

I do not want to do data entry today. Like, at all. Please try not to be too shocked.

Edit: And is it me, or is it just rude to post to a community that you're starting up an "alternate" community to be a "safe-haven to discuss and share our nontraditional thoughts on autism to augment communities where we are the minority"? 'Cause it sure seems rude to me. Also, I'm highly, highly amused that there are replies to that post that the comm is too pro-cure, that it's too anti-cure, and that it's 50-50. So, does that mean we're all equally oppressed there, or what?

And of course, if I say 'hey, this is kinda rude, don't you think?' I'm OMG EVIL FASCIST NEPOTISTIC H0R. Or something.

Edit the Second: Hmm. Perhaps it's ye olde paranoia, but I do find it highly interesting that the person who joined the comm almost immediately after I banned the person last week? Used the same somewhat unusual expression the banned person used. And has that person on her flist. Could there be sockpuppetry afoot? Wonder if she knows that can get her TOSsed from LJ?
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Yes, we did, in fact, beat UGA in Athens. First word BOO, second word YAH! Sorry, [ profile] ugahill; I know this one stung, but seriously, after six years of y'all beating us, we were due. *g*

My other football team didn't win, but we played a helluva game, scored first and went to the half tied. I had a blast; it was Collin's first college football game, and the first BC game Ron had seen. My dad and Hannah went, too, so it was an awesome family thang. I've also screamed myself hoarse -- answering phones tomorrow may be interesting at best. *g*

Weekends are far too short; has anyone else noticed this?

I looked in vain for SPN season 2 DVDs for sale early, but nobody had them -- damned workers who know what they're doing!

Also, I have "Gone in 60 Seconds" on in the background (man, I seriously miss my Giovanni pup :( ) and they've done a nice, long advertizement for the Season 2 DVD set TWICE so far. On FX, people. I mean, I'm glad to see them promoting anything to do with Supernatural, but maybe they should think about thowing some money towards promoting the show itself at some point, mmmkay?

Watched "Torchwood" last night, I enjoyed the scifi aspect of it, but Captain Jack really, really reminds me of Tom Cruise, and this is not a good thing. I was pretty disappointed that he's got an American accent, too. I'll keep watching; maybe it'll grab me more next episode. I think part of my problem is that right now, pretty much any show that isn't Supernatural is going to disappoint. *facepalm* I tried watching The 4400, too, and was too distracted by the fact that the little girl from "Playthings" and Cassie from "Route 666" were regulars to get much of a feel for the show. Also, it's still not Supernatural. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, my internet's been out all day, so I'mma go dive into my flists and try to get caught up. <3


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