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I honestly do not understand the mindset that says people who've been on the receiving end of an unprovoked, anonymous attack should just not say anything. Should just let it go and move on. Or maybe just quietly work it out in email.

Fuck that noise.

People who smear other people anonymously do so because they think they can get away with it. Maybe they have gotten away with it in the past. And you know what? If there aren't any repercussions, they'll probably do the same thing in the future.

I think society in general tells women they shouldn't complain when they're wronged, shouldn't make a fuss, and I see that happening on LJ right now. God forbid we should speak up -- there might be OH NOES drama, and drama must be avoided at all costs, apparently, even when it's well-deserved drama. I think that's bullshit. If I have something negative to say about someone, I figure there are two choices -- either don't say it, or say it with my name attached, and stand by my own words. If I'm wanky about it, I fully expect to catch flack for it, and I fully expect people to point-and-laugh or call me on my batshittery.

So I think that's why it boggles me when there are so many people going "oh, why don't they just let it go and move on" instead of pointing out to their friend that her actions were wrong, or even asking why she would feel the need to do something like that. If the situation was reversed, these same people would probably be calling for blood. That's fucked up, man. Being someone's friend doesn't mean you can't ever think they're wrong, and can't ever hold them accountable for their words and their actions.

And it doesn't mean the other side should just shut up, either.
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I felt like I shouldn't join in this particular discussion since I'm not going to be able to go to Eyecon this time, but oh my freaking GOD, I'm glad someone finally said something publicly about the skeeviness of having someone host fanfic panels who has made it clear that she thinks anyone who reads or writes Wincest is "the dark side of fandom", and who says slash itself should have stayed underground but she's not a homophobe, oh NO.
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A Florida Kindergarten teacher led her students one by one to tell a 5-year-old boy what they didn't like about him -- and then let them vote on whether he should be allowed to stay in the class. The student, Alex Barton, is in the process of being tested for Asperger's Syndrome and other possible special needs. So far, the school district has only reassigned the teacher while an investigation takes place.

If you're as outraged and disgusted about this as I am, please take a few minutes to contact the St. Lucie County School Board at, or call Lucie County Schools Superintendent Michael J. Lannon at (772) 429-3925 (fax #: 772.429.3916, email:, or contact the school principal, Marcia Cully at (772) 337-6730 (email: and tell them so.

Because Alex has been repeating the phrase "I'm not special" since the incident, there's information here about a card-writing campaign to let Alex know that he IS special.


Mar. 24th, 2008 08:27 am
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Many thanks to [ profile] potthead for pointing this out.

Here's the newest Supernatural t-shirt from Power Star Collectibles.

Here's the Operation: Winchester logo I commissioned from [ profile] potthead a year ago.

Notice any similarity?

*freakin' pissed off*

Okay...anyone know where to even begin dealing with this? I'm going to post to [ profile] fandom_lawyers and ask there, too.
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Hated it. )

On a much more pleasant subject, I got a letter from Eric Kripke today. And by "letter", I mean some assistant fed my name and address into a Word mail merge with a canned 'thanks for writing' letter and Kripke signed it. But it's making me gleeful nonetheless, because he didn't have to go to the trouble of having his assistant feed me into the mail merge and send the response out to me with the pre-printed autographed picture of the boys, but he did. And that's just one more reason that Kripke pwns us all.


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