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* Bwahaha, Bon Jovi's on CBS right now. YOU OFFICIALLY ROCK. ON OCCASION. (Interviewer: You've been having a good year. JBJ: Man, I haven't had a bad year since the doctor slapped me on the ass. :D SEE?! ROCKING. ON OCCASION.) Dude, he's been married for 19 years to his high school sweetheart.

* I've watched "No Rest For The Wicked" multiple times, and I just realized that Dean has no shoes in the last shot, but he /does/ still have his amulet on. HMMM...perhaps this'll be how Sam gets him out?

* The episode still rips my heart out. Owwie, y'all. Owwie. And where tf is all the fic? I've seen a few, but I really sort of expected an outpouring. SEE TO THAT, FANDOM.

* I finally sent off two of the donations for the SPN writers' favorite charities. Sent $100 each to the Lange Foundation for Eric Kripke and ANSAfrica for Cathryn Humphries. Would've sent the donation to WriteGirl for Sera Gamble, but I can't find a way to do it online and make sure they know that it's not just from me, but from the fandom. I emailed their info email in April and again this weekend, but nobody's answering. There's a phone number listed, though, so I'll hopefully be able to call them tomorrow.


May. 17th, 2008 08:40 pm
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I needed an icon of the happiest moment in "No Rest For the Wicked".

Cut in case it's a spoiler )

When do y'all think it's okay to start using icons from NRftW?

Also, some little girls from a few streets over came to the door a little while ago, asking me to sign a petition to save "Moonlight". N'aww, fangirls in training. :D
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[ profile] ohbooth has merged the audio from Sam and Deam screeching singing along with "Dead or Alive" to the actual song HERE. My favorite is #1; like she says, it's like you're riding along in the Impala with them. All of them are good, though, and good grief, with all the incredible owwiness at the end of the episode, I needed to hear this moment of joy. I still snorfle every time Sam belts out "WAAAAAW-NED!". I so need an icon of that. :D

BTW, Kripke, please to be including outtakes from filming that scene in the DVD sets. Hey, not like you won't have room, what with there only being 16 episodes this season.

And now I need to go listen to "Crazy Love" to remind myself that Jensen really can carry a tune (heh, it takes talent to sing that badly).

Reposted with the correct link *facepalms*
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I am actively searching the internet for spoilers for this week's episode. THURSDAY IS TOO FAR AWAY. I CANNOT BE HELD REPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN ACTIONS.

Seriously, though, didn't we have a buttload of spoilers this time last year? WHERE ARE THE SPOILERS. SHOW ME THEM.
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Oh, Kripke, you kill me sometimes. *roffles*

[The question is not a spoiler, but just in case you've never watched the show or something, I'll redact it. :) The response is Kripke being silly. Again, NO SPOILERS.]

Jensen wanted to focus on movies, and he wouldn't give me the 25 percent salary kickback I demanded, so he's leaving the series. Chad Michael Murray is joining the cast to replace him, and next year will be like that season on Dukes of Hazzard where it was Vance and Coy instead of Bo and Luke. Everything's gonna be a little bit off, but it'll be good...I think you'll like it.

The full interview (which DOES have MASSIVE spoilers) is here (SPOILERS!).
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It's probably a bad thing that I want to take the quote Spoiler for 3X13 ) and shove it in the face of a particular anti-slash, anti-Wincest writer, isn't it?

Somehow, I can't seem to care. :D
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It's possible I'm the last person on the planet to see this, but I happened upon what seems to be an early draft of the Supernatural pilot.

So early that the family's last name is Harrison instead of Winchester. And John's name is Jack. And we have the quote Kripke references in his commentary on the Pilot:

CUE MUSIC. And you can take your anemic alternative pop and
shove it up your ass. We’re playing Dean’s music--
adrenaline pumping METAL-- and we’re playing it loud.
The Impala. Pouncing down the I-5 like a panther. The
engine THUNDERS. The exhaust belches oily, black smoke.
Defiantly un-P.C.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] plutogirl10 and [ profile] franzi1981! Hope it's a great one, ladies. :)

This week's ep is going into my list of top 5 episodes. Maybe top three, after I've rewatched it. SO MUCH LOVE. Random babble after one viewing of Fresh Blood  )
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Oh, show.

Also? SERA GAMBLE. That is all.
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From here -- interview with Eric Kripke, containst potential spoilers.

MediaBlvd> Supernatural has always been up against very rough competition in its time slot. When you set up the new mythology for the finale, did you know that the show would be coming back for another season, or did you set it up with the hope that it would return?
Eric> We did not know if we were coming back. We were hopeful, but season three was not a sure thing, by any means. Quite frankly, behind the scenes, there was some fighting going on, to make sure we came back for season three. But, you can't let that affect your storytelling. I can't say, 'Well, I don't know if I'm coming back, so therefore, I'm going to wrap this up, or not wrap that up.' I just have to tell the story I want to tell, at the pace that I want to tell it, and hope for the best. Very shamelessly, that's why I want to get the message out to the fans. We have the best fans in the world, and I just want to mobilize that army. We want to come back for season four, but that's far more in the audience's hands and the fans' hands than it is in ours. So, tell your friends. I believe there have to be people out there who don't want to watch doctors banging in hospitals (like on Grey's Anatomy), or an endless procedural (like CSI).I know I'm in the minority of America, but I don't get those shows, and there has to be people like me. We're trying hard to live up to shows like Buffy and The X-Files, and we're trying to be a worthy show to these predecessors, and we think we're doing it. I just don't think a lot of people know that this show happens to be on the CW Network. We have a show that, in our opinion, is as cool as Battlestar, with an interesting and involving mythology, and we try really hard. We all care about the show and are passionate about it, we just happen to be on the same network as America's Next Top Model. But, tune in because we are there, and we'll have interesting conversations about [potential spoilers redacted].
(bolding is mine)
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*With the utmost respect to Mr. Whedon, of course.

I'm writing this as I read the flist, getting more and more gobsmacked at exactly how awesome Eric Kripke really is, and how much more there is to Supernatural than even we fans realized.

Spoilers through SPN 3X04 -- Sin City )
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I'm in the middle of a third viewing of "Bad Day at Black Rock," and spoiler )

Also, I'm sure none of you have ever noticed this, but these boys? Kinda pretty. *nods*


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