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Is it possible the "save our show" campaign may actually go somewhere in this instance?

I mean, Chuck aside (which I think is different, because it was in large part the bigger entertainment bloggers who started and kept the campaign going, not your average fans) and Jericho even more aside (because even though the fan campaign succeeded, the show itself then proceeded to bomb, so I don't consider it an unqualified win), fan SOS campaigns rarely have any effect. But if this is true, might that be changing?
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I've gotta hand it to Jericho fans -- they don't give up easily. Though I'm not sure "TV Show for Sale" is the slogan I would've gone with...

Yeah, no.

May. 27th, 2008 11:59 am
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TBTB are more than a little bit deluded if they think I'm gonna pay $22 for a seven-episode "season" of Jericho, particularly since there's no third season forthcoming. That's not a season, people; that's a slightly extended miniseries.
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Esai Morales has been cast as Joseph Adama in the upcoming Galactica spin-off, Caprica. The series, a prequel of BSG, is set on the planet Caprica during the first Cylon war. Morales was one of the stars of second-season Jericho. Fans of CBS's twice-cancelled Jericho haven't given up hope that another network may yet pick up the post-apocalyptic series -- SciFi and the CW are apparently still considering it -- but if the actors are moving on, the writing may be on the wall.
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Jane at Jericho Monster (a well-known Jericho fan blog) has announced that she's now going to be covering Supernatural, as well! This is great news, partly because she's going to be introducing many Jericho fans to the show. Go welcome her to the fandom and tell her thanks for helping us spread the word about Supernatural. :D
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Though it's not official yet, rumors are swirling that Jericho is again cancelled.

It's a shame, but not much of a surprise. The ratings have been steadily deteriorating, and the last two episodes only managed to pull about 5.5 million viewers -- that sounds huge for those of us accustomed to following Supernatural's ratings, but it's abysmal by CBS standards.

CBS said two endings were filmed for the shortened second season -- a cliffhanger to be shown if a third season was approved, and one designed to give fans some closure for the show if it wasn't picked up. Looks like they'll be airing the second option.
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So, the earliest appointment I could get with my doctor is 2:30. There's nothing on tv, and none of my dvds is looking particularly attractive atm. I can't sleep because I can't breathe, and I'm looking for something to take my mind off that fact for awhile. So, what should I check out? G'head, pimp me your favorite fandom (aside from SPN, Jericho, Buffy/Angel/Firefly, X-Files and ST, naturally, since I'm good in those departments *g*). I prefer TV at this point, I think, since I can easily DL an ep or two, and if it's not working for me I can always look for something else.

My all-knowing flist, what should I watch? Tell me in 100 words or less (or, hell, more, if you're in the mood). Show me pictures that illustrate what's awesome about your show. I'm open to pretty much anything. What'll it be? SGA? Torchwood? Moonlight? Battlestar Galactica? Blood Ties? Something else?

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1. VP just announced she's buying pizza for lunch for the entire admissions staff. Hopefully, that includes me.
2. CBS is showing "Jericho" from the beginning, starting tonight. Much better than watching the episodes online; maybe I'll like the show better when I don't have to deal with the annoying, too-loud commercials for the priviledge of watching the show on a 13-inch screen.
3. Friday. 'Nuff said.


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