Mar. 29th, 2009 04:00 pm
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From here:

Someone asked them about the wrap party and they said they didn't know, they didn't make it. They flew here yesterday to be with us instead and, to quote Jensen, "Jared and I had our own wrap party last night." Then he smirked and added "That's why I'm having a hard time moving around this morning."

*has temporarily lost the power of speech, will just be over here bibbling in the corner*
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Jared filming Friday the 13th, scanned from Fandango #279 by Fridaythe13thfilms.com Whoops, behind a cut 'cause it's kinda big:

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Also, and randomly, below is a link to a song called "1980" by Rehab. They're the ones who sing "The Bartender Song," which is infuriatingly catchy and EATING MY LIFE, which is why I finally broke down and bought the damned CD so I could play it till I was sick of it and then get it out of my head and OOPS, they have several other songs I actually like. *facepalms* The lead singer's voice reminds me of a cross between Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish) and the lead singer from Nickleback, kind of bluesy and slightly rough, and "1980" actually has an appealing/catchy chorus and its attitude towards the woman is positive and it's basically awesome...if you can get past the first 18 seconds, which I hate. If you can get past those 18 seconds, and then a bit longer when it hits the chorus and gets REALLY lovely, I think you'll like it.

1980 by Rehab.

The CD's called "Graffitti The World;" if you like this, go buy it! :D

Gosh, Paw!

Oct. 23rd, 2008 05:46 pm
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Okay, this is officially the best thing I've seen in a lot of forevers:

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

Equally awesome, with extra-added Jared, here's the Friday the 13th trailer. OMG I CANNOT WAIT.

Behind a cut for those who don't want any F13 spoilers )
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As of 2 p.m. Eastern, there are only about 4 hours left to bid on a copy of the Supernatural 'Pilot' script donated by the Supernatural writers' office and signed by: Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia, Kim Manners, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!

All money raised with this auction will be donated to Fandom Rocks' current charities -- WriteGirl and Invisible Children -- so you'll get not only an awesome Supernatural collector's item, but the satisfaction of helping two worthy causes.

(Come on, fandom; don't let some reseller grab this. This should go to a fan!)

lots of other great items are up for bids, too!
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Happy, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] blacklid, and many happy returns of the day!

For you ('cause it made me think of you), I give you the Supernatural Dance of Joy:

Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!

Unrelatedly (but still lulz-worthy), this was posted a couple of months ago, but I hadn't seen it until it was linked from a poodle rescue group email:

I has a sweet potato.

On a less-lulzy note, I have yet to receive SPN magazie issue #5. *glares in their general direction*
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If this is what it looks like and WB is actually going to include a model Impala with season 3 DVD sets, I have three thoughts. 1) It's an awesome idea from a promotional standpoint, 2) I WANT ONE and 3)...but that's not THE Impala. :( It'd be a whole lot more exciting to me if it was a 4-door. And, you know, had actual side mirrors. O_o

In general, though, I'm leaning towards numbers 1 and 2. :)

On Blogspot
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Jensen Ackles is on the short list for the Best Actor Emmy. "Short list" is a relative term, seeing as there are 57 people on that list. But still, it's a great honor, and I'm so glad to see Jensen starting to get some of the accolades he deserves. Now, if we can just get people to start noticing Jared's talent, too.
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Copywriteink has a post about thewb.com (now in beta), which allows members to watch episodes of TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Veronica Mars, The OC and Friends.

What will be especially interesting is if the new site might even provide viewers another opportunity to resurrect some shows that did not perform well according to Nielsen ratings. Several had developed strong Internet fan bases, including Veronica Mars, Moonlight, and Supernatural.

Moonlight fans found out their show was cancelled in May while Veronica Mars fans are still working hard to see their favorite detective move from the small screen to the big screen. (Supernatural has at least one more season left on The CW; we hope many more.) According to fans, all of these shows have a following that is not well represented by Nielsen.

In conclusion, have some wet boys. :)

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Dear Jared: Love, Fandom. Go give the big guy some love! :D

In more mind-boggling news, the creators of Gossip Girl are apparently putting the 'spin' in 'spinoff' with plans for a spinoff of the CW series. The Hollywood Reporter calls Gossip Girl "popular".( Dear Hollywood Reporter: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.) The article does concede that though the show has "a devoted following and significant cultural buzz, its ratings are pretty modest." You think? The CW advertising staff is using the "act as if" principle -- act as if the show has the ratings, and the media will come fawn over it -- and it seems to be working. That's the only reason I can come up with that a show that averages three million viewers or less would get the kind of attention Gossip Girl is getting.

In conclusion, go give Jared Padalecki some love. :)

My blogspot.
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Looks like the boys will be at Comic Con on Sunday, July 27 (the last day of the con). See edit below.

Question: Do you happen to know when SUPERNATURAL is going to start filming again? ? Shannon

The TV Addict: According to my mole at the CW, SUPERNATURAL will be returning sometime in July. And although a specific date has not been announced, I can reveal that SUPERNATURAL and SMALLVILLE will both be returning to this July’s San Diego Comic Convention. Yet unlike previous years, both shows are tentatively scheduled to have their panels on the Sunday rather than the traditional Saturday. So plan your trip accordingly, as it would most definitely be a shame to travel all the way to San Diego only to discover you’ll miss seeing your favorite Winchester Brothers up close and personal. But remember not too personal. Like a trip to the zoo, a good rule of thumb when it comes to encountering real-life celebrities in the wild is look but don’t touch.

(emphasis mine)

My blogspot

Edit: It's looking like the TV Addict blog may not be such a reliable source. There's apparently no confirmation yet that the boys will be at Comic Con, just that someone from the show will be. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] raelee for letting me know!
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From HERE, contains mild spoilers for Friday the 13th.

There's one quote from Jared, and he's talking about...Jensen. :D

"Jensen's in Pennsylvania now. I totally get the cooler bad guy [to fight]. He's doing 3-D so all of his imperfections will be hard to ignore," he laughs. "All of his imperfections, I don't want to sound like... I'm saying if I was in 3-D I'd be much more worried, but here I am on a flat screen, I get to hide easy."

My blogspot
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From HERE. (No spoilers unless you consider whether series regulars (i.e. Jared and Jensen) will be returning to be spoilers.)

Text behind the cut. )
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From Shocktillyoutrop.com:

The producers assure us, however, that when their take on Friday the 13th winds up on DVD, it will be something special.

"We've already talked to Paramount about doing a double-disc on this," reveals Dunes' Andrew Form. "[A crew has] been shooting behind-the-scenes [footage] literally since we started tech scouting this movie, through rehearsals, through makeup and all the way through every kill. It's an enormous behind-the-scenes making of this film."

My blogspot.
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I wonder what the chances are of the studios actually forking the money over. Not much, I bet.

The writers strike may have ended four months ago, but the studios still have checks to write -- at least according to actors.

Because of an obscure provision in the contract between the Screen Actors Guild and the Hollywood studios, hundreds of actors could be owed more than $10 million in back pay as a result of being thrown out of work when the writers strike shut down TV production last year.

SAG has quietly lodged claims against more than 80 shows on behalf of "series regulars" who lost their jobs temporarily during the writers walkout, which shut down such hit shows as "Lost," "CSI" and "Ugly Betty." The union contends the producers violated a so-called force majeure clause in the current contract that entitles actors to receive roughly 2 -1/2 weeks' pay if they are suspended due to extraordinary circumstances such as a strike. Series regulars include stars and those who have a recurring role on a show.


Read on Blogspot.

Edit: Friday the 13th will wrap on Friday, June 13.


May. 17th, 2008 08:40 pm
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I needed an icon of the happiest moment in "No Rest For the Wicked".

Cut in case it's a spoiler )

When do y'all think it's okay to start using icons from NRftW?

Also, some little girls from a few streets over came to the door a little while ago, asking me to sign a petition to save "Moonlight". N'aww, fangirls in training. :D
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Bwahaha baby!Jared with his baby!scruff and the Southern accent's still there and I'm trying to ignore the freakiness of the Olsen twins but Jared's character walks into his hotel room and the Olsens are there in towels and he's kinda freaked but he goes "uh...is it my birthday?" *falls over*


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