Jul. 21st, 2008 09:23 am
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Wow, uh...sounds like fun, but it's more than a little out of my price range.

And am I insane, or does that not include autographs and photo ops? Does it include banquets and other parties?

Don't get me wrong; it sounds like fun and I'd go in a heatbeat if I could afford it, but...not happening.

edit: Seriously, I'm not slagging off on the idea. Like I said, I'd love to go; it's just never going to be a financial possibility for me, even if the price includes everything.

edit 2:

Q: Will there be a land based convention earlier in 2009?
A: No. EyeCon at Sea will be our 2009 Supernatural convention.

Oh, man, now that sucks. I was consoling myself over not getting to go to the September Eyecon with the thought of going in 2009. *Ilostmyshoe*
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Ugh, I woke up in the middle of a dream where I was supposed to have been taking care of someone's dogs for them, but I realized I had forgotten to go feed/water them for like a WEEK, and I was trying really hard to get to the house where they were kept, but things kept happening that stopped me. And I woke up before I could get to them, and now I'm still feeling all sad/upset/guilty over these IMAGINARY DOGS that I IMAGINED NEGLECTING. I mean, wtf, brain?

Coffee, stat.

Somewhat less distressing (but even more with the wtf) is this video (found by [livejournal.com profile] mistigris on boingboing):

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane - Watch more free videos

So, what do you think: real or fake? Behind the cut: opinions -- I has them. )

Edit: WTH happened to IMDB?
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Hrm...looks like Creation screwed up (I know, I'm just as shocked as you are!)

From Samantha Ferris's blog:

I should clarify for you here, Carrie....this is certainly no attack on the volunteers...i know the long hours and hard work you put in and i respect you all greatly put in.....my frustration is with the guys putting it in. I find there antics a bit slimy and not 'above board', I'm afraid. Can't speak for the other guests, but after the convention in Chicago (which we rocked at) i was told that i would not be invited back because they heard me say on stage that i was a bartender in the past and they thought that was a little too 'working class' for a guest on their stage. Then they invited me last minute to LA and renegged for reasons that weren't clear. For the Dallas convention, we had a deal, they promoted my appearance and then backed out on a couple of details. So we had to bail out. So you can understand my frustration, right? LOVE the volunteers at conventions...it would never happen without them and they do it all for no money. My hats off to them all.....but the boys at the top need to check their 'decency meter'.....cause it's a bit low.
Wow. Said it wasn't going to dish...and there i did. kinda felt good...in a mean, slightly bitchy kinda way......but its all true and i stand by every word.
By sam ferris @ 27 May 2008 10:15 am

Emphasis mine, and wtf, being a bartender is 'too working class'?

From here.
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I watched most of an episode of "Gossip Girl" last night, and I'm perplexed and not a little humiliated to say that I didn't completely hate it. I'm clearly not the show's intended audience, but since when has that stopped me from watching anything? *g* There were some interesting moments and some sharp dialog.

I'm not saying I'm a fan, but...I might watch again next week.

I'm also annoyed (but not at all suprised) to say that the CW promoted Reaper and Smallville during Gossip Girl, but there was no love for Supernatural. I've decided that the CW thinks Supernatural fans will tune in to the show even if they completely abandon it, and they're probably right. And I do understand that they're desperately trying to nurture their new shows, so they can justify their own existance, or something along those lines. I suppose it makes sense to spend nothing on the show, knowing the fans have been busting ass to promote the show themselves.

It's interesting to me that Smallville does so much better ratings-wise than Supernatural. Yes, we face all the biggest dramas on television, but still. Smallville doesn't, to my knowledge, have fan conventions (or Creation cons, for that matter). Do they have tie-in novels? Comics? A magazine? I don't know, but I doubt it. So, if there's this much fan interest in the show, why is it that our audience is still so much smaller than Smallville's?

I've watched Smallville any number of times and honestly, it doesn't have the quality storytelling that Supernatural has. Or even that Reaper or Gossip Girl have. How the hell is it doing so well?


Mar. 11th, 2008 07:14 pm
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From Jason Mann's myspace.

I am the only one who thinks this means he's recorded another song with Jensen?

I was in the studio recently with a good friend of mine, trying to recapture some of the glory of Asylum 1, and I think we did a pretty good job... I think ya'll will like it...so i'll probably have a single for sale when i come over.

Asylum was when Jensen sang "Crazy Love" with him, wasn't it? Hmm.
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I'm exhausted and I owe approximately sixty GAZILLION replies (which I swear I'll get to this weekend!), but I have one tiny thing I need to squee about -- Project Homefront packed 24 sets of Supernatural DVDs and 20 Supernatural books into packages for troops overseas today! they'll be mailed out in a couple of days. I'm gonna hold out announcing it publicly a bit longer; I'm hoping to have a picture or two of the boxes first. But anyway, yay! :D

Oh, and one more thing that's fandom-related: Things that make you go 'BZUH?' )

Also, my sister had her nose broken yesterday. By her Jack Russell terrier.O_o She bent down to pick something up, and he chose that moment to bounce up. He's fine; she looks like Marcia Brady after she was introduced to that football. And, I assure you, she will NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN. What's a big sister for, if it's not to make your little sister's life more difficult? I ask you this.

Need my bed now. <3
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LJ is still not sending me comment notifications, but only for comments to my journal. Replies to posts in comms, and replies to comments I make are coming through just fine. WTF, LJ?

edit: Mitt Romney drove for 12 hours with his family dog in his crate strapped to the top of the car.

dot dot dot
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First of all, I did survive the mother of all storms. Egads, that was something else.

Now. I have an interesting tidbit to share. Remember [livejournal.com profile] hossgal? She who said 'reading and/or writing fictional incest means you're mentally ill'? She who took offense at an icon made from an unaltered screencap because the person using it thought of it as Wincesty? Yeah, that [livejournal.com profile] hossgal.

Guess what [livejournal.com profile] hossgal wrote, a few years ago?

Eomer/Eowyn incest fic. NC-17 incest fic. NC-17 non-con (or at the very least, dub-con) incest fic.

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the evening.


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